Of Boring Boston Blowouts, KFC, and Reggie Rip Hamilton

Millions of us local basketball fans tuned in yesterday to watch what we hoped to be a great Boston – Cavs game but unfortunately, the Cavs had a different idea.

Cleveland outscored Boston by 32-18 in the 1st, finally ending the contest with a 24 point blowout, 108-84. By the 4th quarter I was getting hungry, so I did the unthinkable. I left the TV to microwave some leftover KFC. That’s right. It might not sound like a big deal, but basketball fanatics will understand. You NEVER leave the tube in the 4th quarter with Boston in the Playoffs. NEVER EVER EVER.

But anyway, the point of this post isn’t that game, it’s this:

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4 Playoff Opinions and (gasp) Some Predictions

Spurs 0; Hornets 1
It is a very rare occurrence to observe Chris Paul carve up the lane for either a dish and dunk to David West or lay it up making it look oh – so – easy. I remember feeling that way watching only 3 players in my life: Michael Jordan, John Stockton and Hector Calma.

Chris Paul makes it four. He dishes. He weaves. He lofts and passes and dunks. He is THE MAN to watch this year and many years to come. Built like Baron Davis but crafty as Stockton, with Tim Hardaway crossover plus head and shoulder fakery that makes many a defender dizzy with confusion, he’ll shower points on you faster than you realize he’s already laying it up. Will he dish? Will he pass? Will he dash? Either way, he’s got you.

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Boston Reaches, Johnson Teaches

The NBA named this Game 2 video ‘Joe Johnson Owns the 4th Quarter‘, but I’d like to also call either a ‘Joe Johnson Tutorial‘, or more specifically, ‘What Happens If You Don’t Double Team A Shooter On A Roll‘. First, here’s the video:

and here are the moves new ballers out there can learn from. I recommend you load the video first till the end, then adjust the slider to the specific times below to see what I’m talking about.

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