I Watched Meralco vs. Barako Bulls Last Night

Glee was showing a replay so the wife wasn’t competing for the TV, and I’m tired of watching Law & Order SVU (it’s gets to you eventually. So much violence and sick people in the world. I know its fiction but still, you know?), so I decided to concentrate on Meralco vs. Barako Bulls and resist changing the channel every so often. So here’s what I remember thinking:

Ang Galing Na Ni Ababou – Well not last night, but in previous games I caught him breaking out a few awesome moves, moves he never even gave a hint he was capable of back in UST. I’ve no doubt this is due from exposure he got from playing at Gilas. Sure he was sitting at the far end of the bench behind Lassiter and Lutz, but clearly he made the most of his time over there. The fact he warmed the bench per se might be reason for his blossoming, and may have challenged him on a personal basis. Whatever it might’ve been, this is indication he is the type of player that needs motivation to get going.

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