Thoughts During TNT vs. B-Meg Championship Last Night

Yeah I haven’t been following much of any basketball NBA or otherwise but I did manage to watch a few Commissioner’s Cup action in the past few days plus last night’s Game 7 Finale between TNT and B-Meg, with B-Meg winning out. My bullet points start somewhere in the 3rd quarter when I tuned in.

• James Yap should probably be a far more respected basketball superstar if it weren’t for the worn out Kris Aquino angle. As it is people cannot distinguish between Yap the PBA player and Yap the whatever – the – hell – it – is he did with Kris Aquino. There was a portion in the fourth when he made mincemeat of Fonacier’s single coverage and just barreled his way through to the hoop to score. Granted Fonacier isn’t a big body, but Yap seriously just had his way with the guy, belying a strong upper body and enough control to finish a jumper while harassed.

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