Hou (120) vs. Mil (116), Looking For A Flaw In The Rockets Small Game

No self respecting basketball pundit is going to miss whenever Houston is playing, especially against the better teams. The Rockets are audacious to say they are going to play the game different from how it’s been played for decades. In a game of giants their first five are 2 Gs, 2 Fs and 1 F-G, with Covington as their tallest at 6’7.

Mil on the other hand has the 6’11 Greek Freak (I doubt I’ll ever be comfortable calling him that), 6’7 Middleton and 7’0 B. Lopez, who dominated today inspite of the loss.

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They Shouldn’t Be Playing & Other Thoughts Re Scrimmages In The Bubble

• It must be a terrible burden put on LeBron and other star players, but particularly LeBron, to play this year. He said he wants to play, but what if he didn’t? What if he decided, as is his right, to say ‘oh I don’t think it’s safe yet‘, and stayed home this year?

If it were any other player that’d be ok. They’d get flak for sure but it would die down and a lot of people would understand. But LeBron? If he didn’t show up then that’s it. There wouldn’t be a point to watch the NBA for a lot of people, sponsors would pull out and the whole idea may collapse.

So the NBA should really thank their lucky stars LeBron is ok with this. If he had not it would have been a total disaster.

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I was a very active basketball blogger for most of 2005 ~ 2013 and when you write and think about basketball as much as I did there’s one guy you write and think about a lot about and that is Kobe Bryant. In and around that period which happened to coincide with the rise of YouTube and social media he would win 5 NBA Championships, numerous all star, nba 1st teams, defensive teams and all sorts of fantastic accolades. As such he wasn’t only on my mind but pretty much anyone who followed sports. Within that period Nike invited me to cover two of his visits in the Philippines the 2nd of which in 2011 was a special event to remember. Fans from all over converged onto BGC and Araneta to catch a glimpse. It was so special even veteran event organizers were stunned at the scale. I wasn’t just jostling for position with local press, there were people from Agency France Press, CNN, Chinese, Indian and Taiwanese press all occupying what little space we had to get a good shot.

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Thoughts On Raptors Win 2018-2019 Championship Against Warriors

Primarily my main thought is the obvious. There were so many key injuries that fans were robbed of what could have been a game for the ages. This is not to put down any of the remaining players’ efforts but that’s just it – they’re the remaining players – the only ones left still standing and some of them barely at that. While they did great, they’re not the players I want to see.

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Line-up of Asia’s greatest players and coaching talent graces Macau for the first time in history; games to be shown to fans across the region

Hong Kong, September 8, 2017 – The Super 8 is releasing team rosters and broadcast partners for the upcoming event this September 20-24 in Macau!

The lineup features invigorating matchups from championship teams from China, Japan, Korea and Chinese Taipei. Japanese all-stars, Ryuichi Kishimoto (Ryukyu Golden Kings) and Yuki Togashi (Chiba Jets) will take on CBA all-stars Li Muhao (Shenzhen Leopard) and Hu Jinqiu (Zhejiang Guangsha Lions).

Teams aren’t sparing any of their star power for the event. Additionally, one of the most beloved players in Korea, Moon Tae-jong (Goyang Orion Orions), and the reigning foreign import player of the year in Korea, Ricardo Ratliffe (Samsung Thunders), face off against one of the most successful coaches in Chinese Taipei’s history, Hsu Chin-Che (Fubon Braves), together with elite guard, Joseph Lin (Fubon Braves) while Taiwanese-American sensation Douglas Creighton (Pauian Archiland) will no doubt be a fan favorite.


Spurs 110 Rockets 107, Lead 3-2; Call Me The Basketball Whisperer

So a few minutes ago I posted this on my Facebook:

Then Manu does this:

Manu blocks Harden for the win

And I swear I feel like I’m the Basketball Whisperer or some sort of magician. But I’ll take it.

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Wizards 115 Hawks 99; Washington goes to Round 2, Still My Potential Team To Watch

I mentioned in the past that Washington was my favored team to watch and that has to do with the John Wall / Marcin Gortat tandem, who play the pick and roll to a perfection reminiscent of the Malone – Stockton days. I’ve always felt there was no play as devastatingly simple, quick and effective as the pick and roll, but having two players who not only have a predilection for it but are athletically built for this purpose as well is a rarity in the era of the stretch 5.

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