Wizards 115 Hawks 99; Washington goes to Round 2, Still My Potential Team To Watch

I mentioned in the past that Washington was my favored team to watch and that has to do with the John Wall / Marcin Gortat tandem, who play the pick and roll to a perfection reminiscent of the Malone – Stockton days. I’ve always felt there was no play as devastatingly simple, quick and effective as the pick and roll, but having two players who not only have a predilection for it but are athletically built for this purpose as well is a rarity in the era of the stretch 5.

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Raptors 92 Bucks 89; Milwaukee Painful to Watch

3 minutes to go in the 4q Milwaukee Jason Terry made a three putting his Bucks up by 2, 80-78. It was an exciting three on a failed Middleton drive to the basket, resulting in a broken play. Seeing Terry alone near the top of the key he passed it to him, allowing ‘The Jet’ to do what he does best, sinking a big time 3.

Bucks Raptors, Jason Terry for the three
Jason Terry for the three

After an 82-82 tie later on though, the Bucks expectedly collapsed. Once on a crucial play (although every play in such a tight game is crucial), Demar DeRozan (32 pts) drives from the left with a full phalanx of defenders ready to stop him, only for him to dunk it with both hands in an emphatic gesture that left Buck fans along with the announcer completely aghast.

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Cavaliers 119 Pacers 114 – Too Much Deer In The Headlights

In 2012, the LA Clippers dealt a 99-98 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies in their first Game of the playoffs after trailing by as much as 27 pts.

Channing Frye with the Dagger Three in the 4q

This game was like that. I started watching in the 3q with Ind leading 74-52, a 22 pt. lead that would normally entail death for whoever is catching up.

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MEM 105 SA 94; Grizzlies Win At Home

2016-2017 nba playoffs, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, tim duncan, tony parker, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph
Vince Carter dunks in the 3q.

I wasn’t able to watch the game where Tony Parker was said to have relived his old ways, so I was looking forward to something like that coming into this game. So when I caught up in the 3q I was getting a little disappointed noticing he had only scored a point while the rest of his team was playing from behind. Continue reading “MEM 105 SA 94; Grizzlies Win At Home”

HOU 115 OKC 111; Rockets Ahead 2-0

Despite Russell Westbrook’s 51, the Rockets prevailed 115 to 111 on James Harden’s 35 pts., followed by Eric Gordon’s 22 and Lou Williams 21.

In contrast, OKC’s 2nd highest pointer was Andre Roberson with 12 and a tie for 3rd with Victor Oladipo and Doug McDermott scoring 11 each.

I don’t think anyone really expects OKC to go far in the playoffs but if you were to wonder why that’s the reason right there. While Westbrook is putting on a show that is blowing all our minds his teammates aren’t holding up the rest of the ship. The fact many of you haven’t heard of them adds to this thinking as well.
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WSH 109 ATL 101; Wizards ahead 2-0

2016-2017 nba playoffs atlanta hawks atlanta hawks washington wizards
2016-2017 nba playoffs atlanta hawks atlanta hawks washington wizards

With .38 seconds left and Washington holding onto a 5 pt. lead at 103-98, Bradley Beal shot a 3 from a John Wall assist and that was it. Wall made a breakaway dunk later on but to my mind Atlanta came apart after that 3.

Both teams struggled for consistency throughout leading me to tweet in the 3q how this seemed like a better played regular season game than a playoff game, and more so in the first two halves when both teams suffered through turnover mistakes, easy misses and other simple errors that to me have no place in an NBA playoff game, no matter how early the round. Continue reading “WSH 109 ATL 101; Wizards ahead 2-0”

Gearing Up For The Playoffs

I normally watch NBA games in full while I work out. I’ve always appreciated people on YouTube for that because they post full games sans the long run up to the game, time outs, interviews, half-time – literally everything that doesn’t have anything to do with two teams playing basketball is chopped off and it’s absolutely fantastic. You get the tip off the moment you press play, there are no extended images of idiotic people waving every time there’s a time out and the whole game is over in 1 1/2 hours. Continue reading “Gearing Up For The Playoffs”

Fiba-Asia 2013 Phils v. Korea 2013 – That Winning Feeling

It’s hard to write about a game such as last night’s due to the sheer variety and depth of emotions that come with its recollection. For the most part I was calm, primarily due to the fact I don’t buy in to the ‘laban’ and ‘puso’ shtick. My love for my country has nothing to do with basketball and even less on the outcome of a game. I love my country and (deserving) fellow Filipinos, and I’m pretty much sure the the players of Gilas do as well. This is default and non – negotiable, so the idea of it indirectly being questioned every time I read ‘puso’, as if to say we do not have heart if we do not win offends me. If we lose a game we may not be as skilled, as tall, as fluid or whatever, but it’s certainly not because we lack heart. If anything we might have too much heart. Let’s talk basketball tangibles – shooting, assists, defense, and the like. But don’t talk to me about not having heart. Never ever doubt heart.

Whew. Ok moving on:


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You’ll Agree Why I’m Not Writing As Often As I Wish

I rarely ever get comments, and so I was very happy to read Gabe‘s yesterday.


Believe me I am thrilled. But I would like to show you something that’s even a bigger thrill, and who happens to be the answer to gabe’s question as well. Here he is all 2.5 months of him:


Everyone meet Angel Christopher aka Ace, my little boy.

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Fiba-Asia 2013 Phils v. Qatar 2013. Alternative Name: Japeth Has Learned To Wield The Force

Ok here we go, starting with thoughts on Qatar:

They play like a bunch of hacked together talents – Which means they are either under coached or have just not had enough time to play together. They do not have any plays and rely mostly on exploiting match ups. Failing that it’s basically excursions by their best player, whoever that may be at the time, which explains why their point guard will occasionally be scoring. This will work in the short term primarily because our PGs are far too small to defend anyone properly, but as with any coach will tell you a driving point guard is a recipe for disaster because it leaves their team open for transition.

The most telling sign of their lack of cooperation is their inability to help their best player get an open shot. At the latter part of the game when they needed points most, Jarvis Hayes was their man. Unfortunately the rest of the Qatar team didn’t seem to see it that way and wouldn’t help him out. There were no diversions, no sets or picks made for him and he had to deal with the long arms of Gabe Norwood or sometimes even multiple defenders, a tall order for any scorer.


QATAR chose the wrong team to run against – A lot of the game was run and gun which worked tremendously to our advantage. If there’s one thing Gilas can do, that is run, and run it did, so when Qatar decided to play that way I was more or less at ease. Our first team can run, our second team can run, and even our often used bigs are no slouches. We even have a big who can not only run, he can Continue reading “Fiba-Asia 2013 Phils v. Qatar 2013. Alternative Name: Japeth Has Learned To Wield The Force”