What's up with the Suns?

Most coaches agree that for the most part, you only have to maintain a decent score throughout the game. The only time a lead really counts is during the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, where you go all or nothing.

I agree. I’ve seen teams roar to 20 point leads leading into halftime, losing half by the start of the 4th, then BAMMM they’re chasing the lead coming into the last two. Those last two minutes are where it’s at.

The Playoffs I think, is your last two minutes of sorts for the whole NBA season. You got guys going boom boom boom all regular season, then come into the last stretch frantically checking their pockets for any ammo left.

And now, let’s talk SUNS.

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Brackets, anyone?

The obligatory pre-first post introduction: Hi, I’m NBA Addict, delinquent blogger, and (duh) NBA Addict. Had my *forced* hiatus when my office firewall decided to ban any and all URL’s with the word “blog” in it. Fortunately, this site does not have it anywhere, so here I am. Ãœ Now on with the entry…

Setting up brackets is always the ultimate test for a supposed junkie of any sport. Predicting who will win which matchup is best left to so-called experts, but no one gets it right… so what’s the point in making one, you ask? Bragging rights, of course! And if you gamble, a little extra for your wallet. 😉 And without further ado, here are my picks for the first round:

Western Conference

Picking San Antonio to win over the Kings is practically a no-brainer, and I can’t imagine Memphis getting out of the first round with their history of zero playoff game wins, although stranger things have happened. Kobe has been super, but his teammates have been anything but, so the Suns should claim the series. Talent-level wise, I’d like to pick Denver over LA Clips, and they definitely have potential to beat the Clips, but they’ve been slumping as of late, and banged-up to boot. But I’ll make them the obligatory “underdog” call.

NBA Addict’s take: Spurs, Mavs, Suns, and Denver advance.

Eastern Conference

Pistons and Heat are automatic picks, but the Pistons will get their win faster. Indiana will give the Nets fits, but… hmm. I’ll book Indiana on that matchup. LBJ, IMO, will have to eat more rice (and less of his nails, forgoshsakes) and wait next year for a taste of the second round. Just gut feel.

NBA Addict’s take: Pistons, Heat, Pacers, and Wizards advance.

What’s your take? Leave your comments before the playoffs start on Sunday!