A Note About PBA Notes

One of the most popular features on BallEx happens to be PBA Notes, which is basically a cut and paste affair from a mailing list I’m subscribed to run by the PBA office. Unlike what some idiot implicated a few months ago, I do not claim to author these. Instead I upload them using WordPress’ handy Blog By Email feature which allows me to literally cut and paste it to an email address which forwards it to this blog and it gets published automatically. That way it gets published quickly, I do not have to log in, etc., and PBA fans who read this blog instantly get their PBA fix via scores and updates.

Unfortunately when I do that, WordPress prints the author of the post as myself, which I did not care to correct since, obviously, I’m just reprinting scores and updates from the PBA – stuff that no one cares to ‘plagiarize’ because that’s all public information the PBA wants to disseminate anyway. And besides, what would I gain from claiming ownership of PBA scores? I’m sure you’d agree being accused of stealing them is just brazen stupidity right there.

So anyway, I just wanted to talk about this because I wanted to point out two things.

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My BallersNetwork Articles Are Up!

Things have been quiet I know. Been really busy, but not too busy for a little tooting of my own horn (ahem).

I kid of course. But I just wanted to show off my articles on BallersNetwork.com, a very interesting site brought to us by Nikebasketball.com and Dime. Here’s the July 17 one re start of the UAAP season:

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Pinoy Sports Blogs and Focusing On What's Important

Just wanted to give a big shoutout to friend and business associate Neva for firing off Admiralpye Plays, her brand new sports blog featuring an old love of mine, Tennis!

This joins a few other fave sports blogs such as Jaymie’s TheBullRunner (excellent domain name btw), which chronicles stuff going in and around local running, mostly 3k, 10k and up to 100k in her case (wow, right?). I was lucky enough to make her acquaintance during a parenting – related event of all things.

In the basketball category, I’d have to give a big thumbs up to inbounbass.com, which has resources to die for, such as top notch images and videos of whatever’s going on, including interviews and events plus of course, games themselves.

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Manny Pacquiao in new NIKE commercial

Just something for all Manny Pacquiao fans, NIKE has just released a new TV commercial with the Pacman on it. Also included in the commercial are NBA star Kobe Bryant, tennis greats Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer, and king of the soccer world Cristiano Ronaldo.

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I'm Looking For A Few Good Writers

Do you love the game? Just answer me that. Mind you, I’m not asking if you know how to analyze, or if you understand statistics, or if you are familiar with player’s stats and personal lives inside and out. Those come after the most important thing – true passion for the game.

I am looking for new writers to represent universities and colleges of the UAAP and NCAA. While these are the priority, if you are a great fan of the PBA or PBL and its teams, you are also welcome to join.

Convince me by writing to ghmercado@gmail.com, how passionate you are about writing basketball. In your own words, tell me why Maroon is your fave color, why schools beside Mendiola produce better guards, why Green flows through your blood, why you fly like an Eagle when your team plays, or why you’re offended that I didn’t include your school in this sentence. THIS IS NOT A WRITING CONTEST, so don’t wax poetic. This is also a PAYING GIG, part – time and work from anywhere, so it’ll be worth your while.

Any age, gender, alumni or student, with or without writing experience is welcome. You can also write in Tagalog or English.

As long as you love the game.

btw all entries are confidential.

I'll Try To Write More. Again. Promise.

The fact that you’re seeing a new post here is a sign of the obvious – I have decided to cancel my self – imposed basketball blog hiatus, and here are the 3 good reasons why:

  1. There are new developments I wanna talk about, such as the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas‘ attempts at trying to get the NCAA and UAAP to form a new league. Anyone who’s followed this blog pretty much knows that we live and die UAAP around here, so when I started reading about these I started to need to write up. Some of the stuff that’s been said has been pretty hilarious and / or stupid, and I can’t wait to take a swipe at it.
  2. Friends at Nike’s PR firm will be disappointed. To explain: Nike’s PR firm Ogilvy is downright the most blog-friendly and consequently forward-thinking public relations firm in the country, hands down. And I know this for a fact because I not only run this basketball blog, but a fashion / girl blog and a parenting blog as well. They not only read and have an eye out on what’s hot on the local ‘net, they are also aware of the effect this has on Pinoy society as a whole, allowing them to have a pulse on what’s really going on. I won’t be surprised if their campaigns turn out to be the most effective. They are still in touch with me, and for the life of me I don’t wanna disappoint them. And no stupid Knicks coach is gonna stop that No Way Jose. People at Nike Phils., are you listening? You’re money’s well – spent with your choice of PR right there.

    All the other PR firms that handle other sports brands? Take notes. Ogilvy is owning you and the sad thing is you’re probably not even aware.

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The Philippine Team Will Be Wearing Nike

Zoom Kobe II
Zoom Kobe II

Basketball Exchange is proud to have been amongst those invited to a Nike event held last May 22 at the Nike Park Flagship Store at Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, entitled ‘Gloria Team Pilipinas‘. This is a campaign that ‘pays homage to the winning spirit of Team Pilipinas, in an effort to rally Filipinos behind the nation’s basketball heroes’. The unveiling was held at the Nike Store at The Fort and simultaneously displayed at a billboard along Edsa – Guadalupe in Makati, North Luzon Expressway, Cebu City and Davao City.

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ROY Results, New MIP Polls and new Poll rules (updated)

apr042007_mip.jpgBallex has some new changes with re to our very active and well – used polls.

  • First of, an amazing 1196 people voted for our Rookie of the Year Polls. Our top three includes Chris Pacana as the a hands – down winner garnering 24%, Kelly Williams following with 19% and LA Tenorio with 13%. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this, and many of our previous polls. You can view the complete results here.
  • Second bit of news is that we have a new Most Improved Player Polls which you might notice to the right, featuring the Tiger’s Gary David, DLSU alum Carlo Sharma with his come – from – nowhere performances, the TJ Hotdog’s young Peter June ‘PJ’ Simon, and Welcoat hotshot Denver Lopez (Welcoat does not seem have a website so sorry, no link). This poll will run for 30 days.

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Announcing: Mobile.Exchange.Ph

The latest in a series of Exchanges, Mobile Exchange, is the first daily blog – magazine featuring the latest developments in the Philippine mobile gadget scene.

Everyday, Mobile Exchange will feature a gadget, accessory, service, tips, reviews, video or event, ranging from Cellphones, PDAs, Software, Laptops, Desktops, and varied other devices. All posts include hi-res pictures and complete descriptions. Sponsors will provide where these can be bought and prevailing prices.

Mobile Exchange’s aim is to become the main source of information about gadgets and devices. Our goal is to help consumers make informed decisions on the often confusing world of consumer technology.

Visit Mobile Exchange Philippines. You can subscribe to get daily updates by entering your email address here:

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