Finally Ordered One On One

When I was a kid they used to show ‘One On One‘ on RPN 9 every so often. It’s a movie about an up and coming basketball genius played by Robby Benson who grew up in a hick Mid – American State (one of those square shaped ones), who was recruited into big University to play ball. Being young and terribly naive he gets into all sorts of trouble, but eventually pulls himself together to show everyone, especially the Coach who was trying to get rid of him (played brilliantly by G.D. Spratlin, who also memorably played a corrupt politician in Godfather II amongst others), what he’s really made of.

Aside from Benson and Spratlin I also remember a very very hot Anette O’ Toole here, whom modern viewers (ie. young people) will only recognize now as Clark Kent’s Mom on Smallville.

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Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA

Just fresh out the box, I found a recent Colbert Report involving an interview with Knicks Coach D’Antoni! Let the hilarity ensue:

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Goodness gracious he didn’t hold back did he.

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Nike's World Cup Ad Is The Most Awesome Thing You'll See Today

Football / Futbol / Soccer is a sport where you actually kick the ball. It’s played outdoors in a large grassy area and you score when it goes into a goal. Sounds radical eh? You know what’s best? You don’t have to be a 6 footer. In fact one might even conclude us Pinoys could do ourselves a favor and take it up because we might actually become, perish the thought, good at it *gasp*!

But anyway, I was meandering my way around YouTube a little bit when I happened onto this:

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NBA Stars Turned Actors

Interesting article I happened upon at the International Film Channel website, featuring 5 NBA Stars turned actors. I don’t care to cut and paste the whole thing here, just go ahead and visit the site to read it all. What I AM going to do, is to repost the youtube vids of the movies discussed and then some.

Starting with Kareem and the one, the only, Bruce Lee and in their famous fight scene in The Game Of Death. If you’ve never watched it before, there’s something wrong with you.

Kareem was notably also in Airplane, but above vid is so much more cooler so I’m going with that.

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