Today I didn't even have to use my AK. I gotta say it was a good day.

You know I hate to overdo these Nike videos but when one strikes me (as they do often) I just gotta write about it, and man this one hit HAAARD.

How? Let me count the ways. And it doesn’t just have to do with Kobe showing up at 1:05 (so he walks around LA, huh? riiiight). The aaaawwweessome air on 1:27 helps, and of course, Ice Cube on 2:04.

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Review – NBA Live 09 (PSP)

The courts are dark in NBA Live 09.

There are reasons why NBA Live is no longer the king of basketball sims. Aside from the fact that the NBA 2K game franchise has taken over, earlier versions of NBA Live have devolved into an arcade game devoid of basketball science. Has NBA Live 09 bucked this depressing trend? I dive into the game’s PlayStation Portable version to find out.

Visually, almost nothing has changed since Live 08, save for EA’s strange decision to cut back on the court lighting. Playing a basketball game in Live 09 hearkens back to the seemingly-darker courts of the ABA days. There are also no noticeable tweaks to the player models. The heads still look bigger than they should be.

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Yi? Who he?

Chinese slam dunking giant and National Team stalwart Yi Jian Lin has just been declared the 6th pick in the just recently concluded NBA Draft, going to the Milwaukee Bucks after No. 1 Greg Oden (to Portland), No. 2 Kevin Durant (to Seattle), No. 3 Al Horford (to Atlante), No. 4 Mike Conley (to Memphis), and No. 5 Jeff Green (to Boston).

I’ve actually been keeping an eye on this kid, especially after an exemplary performance in the few FIBA games they featured the Chinese team. He has a special ‘skywalker’ air about him, playing above the rim, which in addition to his 7 foot frame adds to his stock.

And so to educate all you loyal, loving fans of Basketball Exchange, herewith are special videos and links of the young man Yi JianLian (pronounced EE TEE-an-LEE-an).

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