UAAP 2012 Sked

What remains of it anyway. Subject to change without notice.

Game Light Dark Time Day Date Venue
29 NU AdU 2pm Thu 23-Aug MOAArena
30 UST FEU 4pm Thu 23-Aug MOAArena
31 UE DLSU 2pm Sat 25-Aug MOAArena
32 ADMU UP 4pm Sat 25-Aug MOAArena
33 AdU FEU 2pm Sun 26-Aug Araneta Coliseum
34 UST NU 4pm Sun 26-Aug Araneta Coliseum
35 UST DLSU 12nn Wed 29-Aug MOAArena
36 FEU ADMU 4pm Wed 29-Aug MOAArena
37 UE NU 2pm Thu 30-Aug MOAArena
38 AdU UP 4pm Thu 30-Aug MOAArena
39 AdU UST 12nn Sat 1-Sep Araneta Coliseum
40 DLSU ADMU 4pm Sat 1-Sep Araneta Coliseum
41 UP UE 2pm Sun 2-Sep MOAArena
42 FEU NU 4pm Sun 2-Sep MOAArena
43 ADMU UE 2pm Thu 8-Sep MOAArena
44 DLSU UP 4pm Thu 8-Sep MOAArena
45 UP UST 2pm Sat 8-Sep MOAArena
46 UE FEU 4pm Sat 8-Sep MOAArena
47 ADMU AdU 2pm Sun 9-Sep MOAArena
48 DLSU NU 4pm Sun 9-Sep MOAArena
49 UP FEU 2pm Thu 13-Sep PCS-Ultra
50 NU ADMU 4pm Thu 13-Sep PCS-Ultra
51 UE AdU 2pm Sat 15-Sep MOAArena
52 UST ADMU 4pm Sat 15-Sep MOAArena
53 NU UP 2pm Sun 16-Sep MOAArena
54 DLSU FEU 4pm Sun 16-Sep MOAArena

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Why Even Try?

I came across an article the other day about how the UP Maroons have become so irrelevant that UP students and alumni don’t bother to care anymore, and that it has been suggested they should just give up Men’s Basketball altogether.

Now isn’t that brilliant? I mean, the sheer logic of it is so unbelievable, it just hits you like a ton of bricks. A ton of logical bricks. And you know while we’re at it, why not let’s brainstorm a few other things we should just give up as well!

Academics – Yeah you know, all those books and studying weighs on you doesn’t it? I mean, do we really need all of that? Of course if we give that up it means we won’t have any lawyers, doctors, engineers, not to mention just plain old graduates anymore, and we’d all revert back to living in trees. But isn’t that so much fun that hitting those books? Think about it!

The respect of your peers – Anytime someone questions your character, just play the ‘who cares what you think!‘ card, and pretend you don’t care! It’s easy. All you have to do, is really not care. About others, about yourself, and what you might do to affect the coming generation. It’s fun! Our politicians do it all the time and look how fat and happy they are!

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