Alaska Commercial: Cisco Oliver or Billy Robinson?

Honestly, John’s previous ‘best import’ post drove me crazy since I was determined to put pictures alongside the names, substituting Team Logos if I couldn’t find any. Unfortunately for Billy Robinson, who played for Mariwasa, I couldn’t find even that so I susbstituted white space (ngek).

Anyway, when John ‘Da Walking Basketball Encyclopedia’ Dacanay mentioned he was in that ancient Alaska commercial, I just had to YouTube and guess what, I FOUND IT:

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apr232007_alvin_patrimonio.jpg[tag]Alvin Patrimonio[/tag] can lay claim as the most durable local until his retirement from the cage scene in 2005. He played 596 straight games (spanning 12 years) for [tag]Purefoods[/tag], capturing MVP after MVP and winning several titles for the Ayala and SMC franchise. He was unable to play in game 597 due to an injury. Although his record is mind-boggling, it is peanuts compared to what [tag]Ron Boone[/tag] has achieved in his storied 13-year career in basketball.

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The Long and Short of It – Part I

The Tallest Basketball Players of All-Time
Odd tandem: 7-7 Manute Bol and 5-3 Mugsy BoguesWho is the tallest basketball player ever? If your answer to this question is Houston’s Chinese import by the name of Yao Ming and all of 7 feet and 5 inches of him, you’re dead wrong. Ex-Washington Bullet and Golden State Warrior Manute Bol is also not the answer. The 7 feet and 7 inch human beanpole from Sudan is one of the tallest to ever to play the game but not the tallest basketball player of all time. It’s not even close. Ex-Philadelphia 76er and Dallas Maverick Shawn Bradley looks really tall but would you believe he is ONLY 7 feet and 6 inches! Bradley spent 12 seasons in the NBA and lays claim as one of the tallest laughing stocks in the history of the league. Bradley was drafted second overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1993 NBA Draft just behind number one pick Chris Webber and above stars such as Penny Hardaway, Jamal Mashburn, Allan Houston, and Nick Van Exel.

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