Previous to watching this game I read an article that focused on the sentiment and emotion of Team USA’s final preparations. The tone of that article was pretty clear. There was nothing that was gonna stop Team USA, and so why not write instead of how the team was preparing for its final practice, the friendships forged, the ‘ups and downs’ through the years, etc. etc. It certainly had to be more interesting than what was expected to be another blowout.

I don’t blame Yahoo Sports! I’d never have expected this.

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Chance to Check Out Ricky Rubio Tonight

There are those that will argue Spain and the US Team’s meeting tonight (10PM, BTV), as a bygone conclusion. To this, I have to agree. However, in between whatever spectacular play the ‘Redeem Team’ will be doing, do yourself a favor and check out Spain’s #32, 6’4 PG Ricky Rubio, and find out why it is they call him Pistol Pete Maravich’s second coming.

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