Quick Game 5 Notes

Ho hum game for the most part. TnT blasted SMB out of the water the way they really should because they have better depth, and better depth means better plays, better execution, more chances to do it right and less chances to screw up etc. etc.

But what I couldn’t help noticing was.. well, here’s a screenshot of what I was feeling at the time:

Frankly, it’s ok if he does it just a little bit. But he went on and on during the action and I just got to a point where I couldn’t help screaming STFU!!!.

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PBA Needs New Refs

Got this via the PBA Sports Desk yesterday, some interesting news re PBA refs:

Sports Desk Please
PBA Release
PBA Referees Academy

The PBA is looking for highly qualified, physically fit males and females who have passion for the sport of basketball and who work well under pressure.

Be part of the PBA family. Join the PBA Referees Academy and have a chance to be among the elite group of game officials working the games of the country’s best basketball talents.

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UAAP FB Hilarity & Helping Agnes Look For A Basketball Coach

This is the 1st year we’re gonna see how Facebook is gonna affect the UAAP, and I’ve been joining UAAP and NCAA FB groups everytime I happen onto one just for the heck of it. Most, if not all, I’ve joined are unofficial groups but the most ‘fun’ I’ve joined has to be this one, primarily because of daily messages and comments like these:

Ok I admit, it’s not entirely funny. I mean, it’s funny at the start, but a split second later you’re thinking.. Good Lord how is the Philippines going to survive today’s youth?

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