You’ll Agree Why I’m Not Writing As Often As I Wish

I rarely ever get comments, and so I was very happy to read Gabe‘s yesterday.


Believe me I am thrilled. But I would like to show you something that’s even a bigger thrill, and who happens to be the answer to gabe’s question as well. Here he is all 2.5 months of him:


Everyone meet Angel Christopher aka Ace, my little boy.

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[Belated] Thoughts On The End Of The Dwightmare

I read articles before, particularly during Orlando’s days when they were struggling, about how they (sports journalists) would just wish Dwight Howard would stop smiling.

To them it read as if his constant smiling and paling around with his teammates was a sign of weakness, especially considering the time they weren’t going to go further into the playoffs as they should again.

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Belated Viral Video. Yes The One With Kyrie Irving.

When I first heard the word ‘meme’, I thought it referred to the sound a sheep makes, and so what I thought it meant was how when you post something that goes ‘viral’ on your blog, you’re actually being like sheep because you’re doing exactly what the viral video producers wanted you to.

I really believed that, true story. And the crazy thing is I make my living off of the Internet.

So anyway, here’s the vid that’s making the rounds these days:

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Every Player Should Be Shot

‘Shot’ as in shot by a camera that is. And man I’ve got shots.

To explain, yes that’s me, #33, playing in our weekly Friday game all the way at San Juan. I live at Sta. Rosa Laguna now, but I jump at every opportunity to schedule trips to the city for meetings and such on Fridays so I can sneak in a game with my HS buddies over there.

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PBA Needs New Refs

Got this via the PBA Sports Desk yesterday, some interesting news re PBA refs:

Sports Desk Please
PBA Release
PBA Referees Academy

The PBA is looking for highly qualified, physically fit males and females who have passion for the sport of basketball and who work well under pressure.

Be part of the PBA family. Join the PBA Referees Academy and have a chance to be among the elite group of game officials working the games of the country’s best basketball talents.

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