Kobe Visit Pics Post 3 of 3

Man it’s been busy as heck and this post is way delayed, so let’s just get it done and wrap this baby up. Here are some of my remaining pics of Kobe’s visit.

So as I mentioned last time we went ahead of everyone else to Ultra (Philsports Arena) and this is what greeted us, empty stands and the hosts just hanging out.

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Kobe Tour Update: Free Tickets @ The Fort, Liveblog @ BallEx!

Alrighty Kobe and not – so Kobe fans. As promised, here are the details of Kobe’s Nike Tour fresh off my email rcvd just a few minutes ago:

“Kobe Bryant’s one-day Manila visit will kick off with a visit at Nike Park, The Fort at 2:00pm, where he will meet young ballers from select Gawad Kalinga communities. Kobe has made it a point to support deserving institutions in every tour, setting aside quality time to be with children who are interested in basketball to encourage them to keep dreaming big. Activities at the Nike Park, The Fort will be broadcasted live over W.N.I.K.E Radio on 89.9 DWTM.

The main event of the basketball superstar’s Manila visit will be a basketball camp at the ULTRA where Kobe will showcase his skills and share his basketball prowess alongside the Nike Elite Campers, a group of up-and-coming young basketball players. The camp will allow Kobe to work with his young fans to help them increase their level of play on the basketball court. The show will start at 4:00pm, gates will be open to the public at 3:00pm.”

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Lessons Learned On A DLSZ – SBC Game

I arrived at the game and the end of the 3rd quarter and the game in full heat. SBC was turning it over far too often and by 1:56 left in the 4th, was ahead by only two points against DLSZ, 77-75.

DLSZ’s #12 eventually tied the game followed by DLSZ’s # 11 causing an impressive block that unfortunately was too strong for his own good as he went out of the game after that clutching his shoulder.

An action – packed series of events transpired quickly afterwards. SBC’s #10 sank 1 of 2 freethrows followed by DLSZ’s #21 sinking a scintillating jumper on top of the key to forge ahead 78-80.

SBC tied it back up at 80 all with 1:02 left then SBC’s #21 is fouled on the inbound with 44.4 seconds left, and is promptly fouled. He sinks 1 of 2 freethrows, the score now 80-81.

With 12 seconds left SBC calls a timeout, and in two consecutive driving layups fail to score.

And here’s where it gets really exciting, as if it weren’t already.

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Helping Your Opponent

Checking my notes for the FEU – Lyceum game last May 14, 2009, everything else is overshadowed by the memory of Lyceum’s Coach getting kicked out with 5:09 left in the third quarter, his team a manageable, at least to me, 14 points behind.

Of course, there were many other notables. As this was my 2nd time to view an FEU Seniors game, I continue to be impressed at #20 Cervantes, who is a complete package with height, heft, and guard – like agility and comfort with the ball. Then there is #11 Sanga, who probably didn’t play last week as he certainly would’ve caught my eye. The boy can rain threes on you, whether on a set shot or provided a pick.

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Anatomy Of A Blowout

There’s a quote that says you learn more from losing than winning, or something like that. If that were the case, the Universidad de Manila players are probably geniuses by now, after getting trounced by FEU Tamaraws 111-55 in the 2nd Seniors Game yesterday, May 7, 2009.

FEU Coach Glenn Capacio took the opportunity to use his second stringers for most of the stretch, making them run an efficient full court press that probably filled up the turnover column for the other team.

UdM’s Arambala and dela Cruz with 27 points total were the only two to make much of a difference, but playing the whole game they could only do so much. I won’t forget dela Cruz for his unique ‘pitik’ style of 3 point shooting, capped by a 3 from the corner that still used the glass, causing the waiting players at the sideline to react in delight.

On the other hand, I was most impressed with FEU’s #20 Cervantes. A 6’4 or so PF / C with excellent post moves and some measure of ball handling. All blowouts have their share of highlight moments, and Cervantes delivered with a terrific spin move after an attempted swipe, never losing his dribble in a strong drive. Garcia with 17 points and Eximiano looked good as well, although the latter needs to work on his concentration, occasionally losing focus.

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SSC-R v. ADMU Is A Baller Fan's Dream

Tied at 71 with a few seconds left in the game, Jai Reyes unleashed an ice cold left corner jumper behind a Nonoy Baclao pick and nailed it, winning their meet with San Sebastian College – Recoletos and impressing the hell out of me on my first outing to the FEU Gym this year.

No, I’m not impressed with Reyes particularly. He had a few boner plays earlier to counter this beforehand. What did impress me was the overall intensity and quality of this, my first game to watch live in the Nike Summer League.

Who is impressive, and consequently my vote for POG, is ADMU’s Nico Salva. Playing forward and offensive rebounding like there’s no tomorrow, he made a living off of his teammates misses, picking up and scoring off of loose balls and rebounding against taller players always grabbing with two hands. He made such an impression he reminded
me of Charles Barkley, a similarly undersized PF, and believe me I do not make comparisons to an NBA great regularly.

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Which Team's Worth Going To FEU? PART II

This is the 2nd of 2 parts, the first of which is here, where I named the teams I wanna see. In particular they were ADMU, UE, FEU, SBC and JRU.

Now that I finally have the list of participating schools (24 Seniors and 24 Junior Teams! I didn’t realize!), I’ve a better view of the bigger picture, so I start with:

DLSU – Need it be asked why? Loyalties aside, the DLSU lineup may as well be completely new, with rookies at every position. Not only that, the legendary (and yes, we should call him legendary) Franz Pumaren can make gold out of dirt, and take a seemingly underhanded, short and mismatched team to the promised land. He’s done it before, he can no doubt do it again. Not counting DLSU as a factor in any tournament is folly.

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