UAAP / NCAA Code Of Conduct – BallEx Style

I happened onto the UAAP Fan Code Of Conduct and read it with some interest. ‘Some’ because this is all stuff all of us should’ve known and follow wether it’s written down or not, and secondly because writing them down is one thing, implementing them is totally something else.
So in the spirit of writing down rules that are best to be taken with a grain of salt, over my morning coffee I’ve decided to make my own.
So without further ado, Ladies and Gents, herewith is my BallEx Code Of Conduct. Check it!
  • UP fans will stop referring to themselves as smarter than everyone, primarily because these contests will involve athletics and not academics (and if they were smart they’d know that).
  • ADMU fans will reconsider saying ‘win or lose its the school we choose’ because, frankly, I doubt any of us chose the schools we graduated from on the basis of their UAAP/NCAA performance. Otherwise we’d all have gone to Taft.
  • NU students will refrain from becoming fans of the Bulldogs for a period of one (1) year subject to the fact that it’s tasteless to find yourself suddenly becoming a fan after your team instantly becomes a contender via an infusion of SM money. Only previous NU fans, particularly those who stuck with them through thick and thin, are allowed to remain fans this year.
  • Anyone thinking of bringing a vuvuzuela to the games should just stop.
  • Fans carrying signs or wearing clothing with obscene, deregatory or indecent messages will be requested to discard said sign/wear the shirt inside out. Smart-aleck fans guilty of above will not imprint obscene, deregatory or indecent messages on the insides of their shirts.

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NCAA upends UAAP!

In a showdown between the two of the nation’s top collegiate leagues, the NCAA All-Stars avenged its loss against the UAAP All-Stars last year winning 83-78 in the 2007 UAAP-NCAA Bantay Bata 163 All-Star game. Last year, the UAAP All-Stars won over its NCAA counterparts, curiously with the same score 83-78.

Sam Ekwe (San Beda) was a big factor in the win, scoring the last six points for the NCAA, including the go-ahead 79-77 with 1:11 left on the clock after Mark Borboran’s (UE) three-pointer tied the game earlier. He had a nice block on Borboran in the ensuing play and scored on a follow-up to pad the lead to four, 81-77 with 42.6 left. After Borboran hit one of two free throws, Ekwe canned in two charities with 4.1 seconds to provide the final count.
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The Nike/Fil-Oil/Flying-V Homegrown Cup Schedules and Teams

Ladies and Gents yet another UAAP / NCAA clash has crept (seemingly out of nowhere), to bring us College level hoops action every weekend. The quick two month tourney features 10 participants composed of UAAP and NCAA teams divided into two Groups. Each group will square off each other, with the top two teams of either group battling for the Semis and Finals scheduled on December 13 and 17 respectively.

Several interesting situations abound, most notably the return of the DLSU Green Archers onto local hoopdom, which happened to beat their age-old NCAA rival Letran in OT yesterday, 78-71. San Beda also disposed of the Eagles in the earlier game, with an exciting 59-56 result. Full reportage from here.

Other notable facts include the possibility of fielding up to 18 players per team, allowing playing (and TV) time for each University’s respective TEAM B rosters. Nigerian giant Sam Ekwe was also noticeably missing from the SBC lineup. Although his name is on the roster below, he was interviewed to have said that the Coaching staff elected to ‘rest him’ (or some such explanation I couldn’t really understand. At any rate, he’s not gonna play).

Such events promise an interesting if not exciting two months of College hoop action. Will your favorite (but not very good) TEAM B player get some playing time? More importantly, will he look good on TV? Who will emerge successful at the highly anticipated ADMU – DLSU clash on November 11? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Details, Schedules and Lineups below:

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A unified league: UAAP meets NCAA

Noticing how the Champions League got underway, I was reminded of a format that my brother and I formulated around three years ago. I wrote it in an article style, hoping to be published in one of the dailies. I submitted that to Theresa Jazmines, who was a vice chancellor in UP at that time (don’t know if she still is, I lost contact with her).

Another reason why I made an article out of it is because I want the people to know the rationale of my “proposal” for a unified league. By the way, this only covers the UAAP and the NCAA, being put in a combined league, so I know why many of you will react on as to why I didn’t include provincial leagues. It has to start here in Manila and hopefully, it could spread like wildfire to other provinces to create a bigger and broader league.

Probably another reason why I hope to see such league is because of the many bickerings by the UAAP people on the NCAA. Some of their comments about the NCAA is that it is a hooligan league and a second-rate institution. To tell you honestly, it hurts to hear such because of my school, San Beda, is one of the founding fathers of the NCAA. It is but sad to note that those in the UAAP do not realize that fisticuffs are thrown here and there in some games. Case in point, during the semifinals match between Ateneo and La Salle, quite a number of people, including players, were involved in scuffles. LA Tenorio of Ateneo and Jerwin Gaco of La Salle were involved in one then some Blue Eagle alumni and La Salle alumni got into each others’ nerves and had a mini-rumble behind the Ateneo bench. These are but a few instances that people do not realize about the UAAP, that when hotheads collide, all hell breaks loose. In the NCAA, people see it natural for brawls to occur but in the recent years, you don’t see that quite often. Actually, it saddens me more that brawls occur while a basketball game is going on because it taints the game and the passion of those who just want to enjoy watching basketball and root for their school.

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Best Basketball League?

College players are supposed to aspire to become pros, but our Pro league, the very first in Asia, is a yawner and the cameraman can’t find enough angles to hide the empty seats.

Meanwhile, both College leagues are so exciting they regularly fill up Araneta Coliseum to the rafters. A Champion’s league that puts winners of each team together is knocking on the door to fame, but what about the many Amateur leagues that are supposed to do the same?

Then finally, there’s the question of where to go to get players for the International Events. There are the pros, but they’ve not done a good job so far, and are hampered by Company commitments. There are the amateurs, but which league to get from?

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Elmer Espiritu is new slam dunk champ, UAAP bests NCAA 83-78

[tag]UE[/tag]’s [tag]Elmer Espiritu[/tag] pulled off a major upset in the [tag]Bantay Bata 163 UAAP-NCAA All-Stars[/tag] [tag]slam dunk[/tag] competition. Espiritu did a [tag]360-degree, double-clutch jam[/tag] in the finals to nose out [tag]Ateneo’[/tag]s [tag]JC Intal[/tag], 48-47 and crown himself slam dunk champ. Intal, the 2004 champion, wore the no. 24 San Miguel jersey of Ateneo head coach [tag]Norman Black [/tag]and tried to execute an in between-the-legs one-handed tomahawk slam that would have brought the house down if he only made it. In the qualifiers, Intal was tops, scoring a perfect 50 from the judges after suiting up with a Nino Canaleta jersey and completing a [tag]rim-rattling windmill jam[/tag].

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Blue is not the color of the year

I’ve been itching to write a piece for this blog since the Red Lions won their first title in 28 years but to no avail, I’m still savoring the euphoria and hangover (even until now, I’m still on Cloud 9) of the much-awaited trophy going back to Mendiola. And also, I’ve waited for the UAAP season to end and now that it’s fresh on my mind, there’s no better timing to write this.

Aside from the PBA’s [tag]Purefoods Chunkee Giants[/tag], basketball was lorded over by the foes of the Blue squads Ateneo and PCU. Just earlier, I was at the Blue side when the [tag]UST Growling Tigers[/tag] capped a magical season by winning in overtime to grab Season 69’s [tag]UAAP basketball championship[/tag] against the [tag]Blue Eagles[/tag]. I was stunned. Then I realized, it was just UST’s year.

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San Beda Ends 28 at 82!

san beda red lions ncaa champions

The San Beda Red Lions are once again kings of the hill!

The Red Lions won their first championship in 28 years in the NCAA Season 82 by eking out a 68-67 win over the valiant PCU Dolphins in a game which, in my opinion, was the season’s BEST.

The first two games were both blowouts, the first by SBC, the second by the Dolphins. Game 3 looked like it was headed in the same direction, with the cagers from Mendiola leading by 20 early in the fourth canto.

Then came a stirring, unbelievable, astounding rally by the never-say-die Dolphins.

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