MEM 105 SA 94; Grizzlies Win At Home

2016-2017 nba playoffs, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, tim duncan, tony parker, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph
Vince Carter dunks in the 3q.

I wasn’t able to watch the game where Tony Parker was said to have relived his old ways, so I was looking forward to something like that coming into this game. So when I caught up in the 3q I was getting a little disappointed noticing he had only scored a point while the rest of his team was playing from behind. Continue reading “MEM 105 SA 94; Grizzlies Win At Home”

HOU 115 OKC 111; Rockets Ahead 2-0

Despite Russell Westbrook’s 51, the Rockets prevailed 115 to 111 on James Harden’s 35 pts., followed by Eric Gordon’s 22 and Lou Williams 21.

In contrast, OKC’s 2nd highest pointer was Andre Roberson with 12 and a tie for 3rd with Victor Oladipo and Doug McDermott scoring 11 each.

I don’t think anyone really expects OKC to go far in the playoffs but if you were to wonder why that’s the reason right there. While Westbrook is putting on a show that is blowing all our minds his teammates aren’t holding up the rest of the ship. The fact many of you haven’t heard of them adds to this thinking as well.
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WSH 109 ATL 101; Wizards ahead 2-0

2016-2017 nba playoffs atlanta hawks atlanta hawks washington wizards
2016-2017 nba playoffs atlanta hawks atlanta hawks washington wizards

With .38 seconds left and Washington holding onto a 5 pt. lead at 103-98, Bradley Beal shot a 3 from a John Wall assist and that was it. Wall made a breakaway dunk later on but to my mind Atlanta came apart after that 3.

Both teams struggled for consistency throughout leading me to tweet in the 3q how this seemed like a better played regular season game than a playoff game, and more so in the first two halves when both teams suffered through turnover mistakes, easy misses and other simple errors that to me have no place in an NBA playoff game, no matter how early the round. Continue reading “WSH 109 ATL 101; Wizards ahead 2-0”

Gearing Up For The Playoffs

I normally watch NBA games in full while I work out. I’ve always appreciated people on YouTube for that because they post full games sans the long run up to the game, time outs, interviews, half-time – literally everything that doesn’t have anything to do with two teams playing basketball is chopped off and it’s absolutely fantastic. You get the tip off the moment you press play, there are no extended images of idiotic people waving every time there’s a time out and the whole game is over in 1 1/2 hours. Continue reading “Gearing Up For The Playoffs”

PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 3; BOS at MIA Game 7

I missed 2 posts but I seriously got busy these past two days, but they were for good reasons so its ok. I didn’t get to write though what I thought either MIA or BOS needed to do. Of course it’s all irrelevant now, as MIA has taken the Eastern Finals.

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