The Fantastic Portland 2019-20 Trailblazers

Just finished watching the not pre playoff but not regular season game between the Grizzlies and Blazers where Ja Morant as usual put on a show. I’m sure there are many Allen Iverson references whereas he is certainly just as explosive and athletic if not a little bit taller.

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Hou (120) vs. Mil (116), Looking For A Flaw In The Rockets Small Game

No self respecting basketball pundit is going to miss whenever Houston is playing, especially against the better teams. The Rockets are audacious to say they are going to play the game different from how it’s been played for decades. In a game of giants their first five are 2 Gs, 2 Fs and 1 F-G, with Covington as their tallest at 6’7.

Mil on the other hand has the 6’11 Greek Freak (I doubt I’ll ever be comfortable calling him that), 6’7 Middleton and 7’0 B. Lopez, who dominated today inspite of the loss.

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