4th FIBA Asia Cup Schedule

Sep. 14 Philippines vs. China 330pm LIVE, 8pm REPLAY
Sep. 15 Philippines vs. Lebanon 8pm VIA SATELLITE
Sep. 16 Philippines vs. Uzbekistan 1pm LIVE, 7pm REPLAY
Sep. 17 Philippines vs. Macau 1030am LIVE, 8pm REPLAY
Sep. 20 Quarterfinals 8PM
Sep. 21 Semi Finals 1 & 2 330pm
Sep. 22 Battle for 3rd and Finals 1pm

Subject to change without notice!!

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Spain Wins it All!

fiba 06 logo Spain has just won its first FIBA world title courtesy of a 70-47 drubbing of previously unbeaten Greece. Spain played without NBA star Pau Gasol, who suffered a foot injury in the previous semifinal game against Argentina.

From FIBA news:

Spain played their hearts out for injured hero Pau Gasol and captured their first world title with a 70-47 mauling of Greece on Sunday.

Gasol, their superstar power forward who led the team in scoring and rebounding as they went undefeated in the build-up to the FIBA World Championship and the tournament itself, suffered a partial fracture of his fifth metatarsal in his left foot late in Friday’s semi-final win over Argentina and was ruled out of the game.

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Fiba: Greece oust USA in massive upset

From the BBC website: [tag]Greece beat the USA[/tag] 101-95 to spring a big surprise in the semi-finals of the [tag]World Championships[/tag] in Japan on Friday. Guard [tag]Vassilis Spanoulis[/tag] starred for the Greeks with 22 points as the European champions overcame a 12-point deficit at Saitama Super Arena.

Greece, with no current NBA players on their roster, danced in a circle on the court after their shock success. [tag]Carmelo Anthony[/tag] scored 27 points and [tag]Dwayne Wade[/tag] 19, but the joint captains were unable to save the favourites.

The final buzzer sparked scenes of pandemonium as the Greeks celebrated as if they had won the gold medal. “I thank my players,” said Greek coach [tag]Panagiotis Yannakis[/tag]. “They did something incredible. We had faith and we never lost concentration.”

Complete article here.

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Calendar Updated with FIBA World Championship Events

Some site news: For your viewing playshurr, The Basketball Exchange Google Calendar has just been updated to reflect the Solar Sports / RPN 9 schedules of the FIBA 2006 World Basketball Championships.

A few notes:

  1. The USA Basketball Team’s World Tour 2006, featuring tune-up games from August 4 to 15, is obviously separate from the World Championships themselves, but I added them anyway. As of today, the 14th, there’s only one left, USA vs. South Korea, 2pm – 7pm Solar Sports, with replay at 4am and 3pm the next day.
  2. There are many schedule disparities, with some games mentioning the same time (3pm up to 3pm), and really long times (2pm to 7pm). I assume these are because some of the schedules aren’t final yet. The Solar Sports website is here.
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Carmelo hurt. US wins thriller. Cable cancellation postponed.

From this report:

GUANGZHOU (FIBA World Championship) – LeBron James, Elton Brand and Joe Johnson came up with huge plays in the final minute as the United States edged Brazil, 90-86, in a warmup for the FIBA World Championship in Japan later this month.

The exhibition victory did not come without a price, however, as Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony hyperextended his right knee chasing a loose ball in the second quarter. Anthony, whose 16 points led the US, did not return.

“I think he’s fine,” Team USA assistant coach Mike D’Antoni of the Phoenix Suns said. “A couple days’ rest and he should be okay.”

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French decide they've too many good players

You know the French have always defied explanation. From politics, and now apparently, to sports, they do and make decisions that are just… weird.

Take for example, this from the latest FIBA news:

FRA – France to travel to Japan without Noah

PARIS (FIBA World Championship) – American college basketball star Joakim Noah has yet to obtain French nationality and will not play for Les Bleus at this summer’s FIBA World Championship.

The New York-born ace, who led the Florida Gators to the NCAA title this year, is the 21-year-old son of former French tennis open winner Yannick Noah and can claim French citizenship through his father. However, this process has not yet been completed.

“There are two reasons for his non-selection,” said France’s technical director Jean-Pierre de Vincenzi in L’Equipe. “First of all, he is still not French which is a problem if he wants to play with the national team or the Under-21 side.

“Even if he managed to get his nationality, he would not be available because he has to follow a special programme with his university and take exams which he did not have time to do before because of his adventure in the NCAA Tournament.”

The rest of the story here.

I included the picture of him, probably grimacing after a missed shot, or roaring in happiness from a victory. But it might as well be annoyance at his father’s native France for bone head sports officials.

I mean the guy is a champion NCAA basketball player, the son of a legendary French tennis champion. He is eligible, and he wants to play for your team. So what do you do? Throw nonsensical bureacratic red tape at him, that’s what you do! Show some love, why dontcha?

Sigh. At least, this proves the Philippines doesn’t have a monopoly on self important sports officials. Vive le difference!

Jerry West on Paul Gasol

from a FIBA.com article, entitled “ESP – Gasol looks to Spain to ease play-off pain.

MEMPHIS (FIBA World Championship) – Stung by defeat, and a realistic assessment of his talent by NBA legend Jerry West, Pau Gasol is hungrier than ever to make his mark in international basketball.

Gasol has plenty of time to get ready for the FIBA World Championship in Japan after he and the Memphis Grizzlies were swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the NBA play-offs. Memphis’ President of Basketball Operations West, who shot to fame as a champion with the Los Angeles Lakers many years ago, spoke of Gasol in the aftermath of the play-off exit to Dallas.

“We have a very young player who is very good and that is Pau Gasol, but he is not a superstar at this time,” West said.

“He is an All-Star player, but there is a great difference.

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FIBA – FRANCE – Pietrus determined to shine

PARIS (FIBA World Championship) – France forward Mickael Pietrus has ruled out a departure from the Golden State Warriors despite their disappointing NBA season and is relishing the forthcoming FIBA World Championship with Les Bleus in Japan.

The 23-year-old French international, who has 17 caps for the national team and won a bronze medal at the EuroBasket 2005, has played in only 12 ties this season, with an average of 10.5 points and 2.8 rebounds.

The Warriors failed to qualify for the play-offs after finishing 12th in the Western Conference table, however, Pietrus insists that injuries were a major factor.

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