Some UAAP Guys wear Hyperdunks

These guys:

Are gonna be wearing this shoe:

Truth is, I dunno anything about the current UAAP teams. Jude Turcuato had different local basketball sites write Power Rankings on the upcoming league, and I’m glad I’m not in his radar because I’d have no idea what to say. One day I can make enough money and spend my days watching games, eating chips and gulping beer Coke, just waxing poetic about my love for basketball and all that. But until that day comes, I gotta make a living man, and it gets in the way of writing about ball.

Anyway, I’m glad I got this image from Nike, because it contains this paragraph:

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Blue Eagles vs. Red Warriors, 2008 Nike Summer League

After over a hundred games and two months of continuous hardcourt action, the Nike Summer League is on its last stretch in determining who will reign in the 2008 cup.

On June 15, 2008 (Sunday) the much awaited clash of the seniors will unfold with the Blue Eagles facing off with the Red Warriors for the Nike Summer League 2008 tourney. Could this be a preview of the upcoming UAAP championship? With both teams outplaying their respective rivals in the play-offs, the championship game will surely be a showdown of pure guts, passion and skills. The Loyola based squad as led by head coach Norman Black is looking at clinching the title from the top defensive Red Warriors team who they will be facing off for the first time this season.

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A Review of 'My Game'

This is a review of ‘My Game‘, an hour long documentary by director-producer tandem Carlo Ledesma and Mel Lozano that aims to highlight the roots of some of our basketball heroes, namely Nike talents Ren-Ren Ritualo, Don-Don Hontiveros, Arwind Santos, Jobe Nkemakolam, James Yap and Rico Maierhofer. Premiered last October 18, 2007 at the Powerplant Mall in Makati, it was a well – attended affair with a lot of prominent College and PBA stars in attendance, as well as numerous press and celebrities. Here are some reflections about the documentary. I will be writing about the players themselves in a future post.

First and foremost I’ll go right out and say that it is a terrific piece of work. Carlo Ledesma and Mel Lozano obviously put in a great amount of time and effort in this, but the most important factor that they brought is the one thing that previous and current coverage of basketball in the Philippines consistently fails to deliver – and that is soul.

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Ateneo: 2. La Salle: 0. My thoughts: 10

It’s the morning after La Salle’s heartbreaking (yes it is always heartbreaking to me. Always.) loss to Ateneo, 87-89 at Araneta last night. Obviously, I’m disappointed, but what the heck. What a game, huh? It was exciting all the way, from start to finish, and I promise you I’ve watched so many games for so many years it’s hard to get me as excited as I was when I watched it last night.

Here are some thoughts:

  1. That boy Salamat (15 pts) is fantastic. He is a true point guard and even acts and runs like it, with quick feet doing most of the motion and his torso up and erect, allowing his head to look steadily at what’s happening at the rest of the court. With good training from the Reyes brothers he can be a very effective player in the future.
  2. The Escueta boy (16 pts) is another revelation. One of those stick thin shooting guard types that’s deadly with the 3. He gives Chris Tiu much needed reprieve from scoring chores and reminds me of a smaller Jason Terry.
  3. Speaking of Chris Tiu (19 pts), this guy blossomed early and is still the epitome of cool confidence. What a stroke. He’s got that down pat, but I still think he’s too short so he’s got to prepare himself for the life of a point guard if he’s gonna turn pro. If that’s the case, he’d be behind pure PGs like Salamat or UST’s Cuan, so he might be in the mold of another Ren-Ren, which is unfortunate because the Philippines needs taller shooters. We’ll see what happens there.
  4. Rico Maierhofer (24 pts) has turned out to be DLSU’s main man, but I always thought it would’ve been Pocholo Villanueva (18 pts), an old school type slasher – or maybe it’ll be his year next year? In any case, Maierhofer is unstoppable, but still a little too raw and undisciplined. He needs to learn a bit more about life in the post and bulk up as well. In other words, try and find other ways to be more effective other than relying on his jumping ability and scrappiness. His athleticism is exciting to watch and results in sensational plays, but like all young athletes, gravity will eventually set in and he’ll need to slow his game down. He’ll need to develop a mid – range ‘money’ shot that doesn’t require so much effort. Think Tim Duncan’s bankshot, Kareem’s hook or Karl Malone’s 20 foot J from the either wing. If he develops a reliable shot he wouldn’t have to get beat up too much and reserve the spectacular stuff for later.

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Japeth eager to suit up for the Hilltoppers

A Hilltopper teammate flies straight into Japeth Aguilar during one of the school’s scrimmages but the 6-9 Filipino simply doesn’t budge, maintains his ground and assumes the full impact of the 200+ pound body coming into him. A year ago, the same scenario would have played out differently. He was weak, couldn’t keep pace with his highly physical teammates, and couldn’t make plays without visiting the floor. He has now gained an additional 10 pounds of strength and looks to have fully adjusted to basketball life in the US. He will play college ball for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers this fall (the Hilltoppers is a division I team in the US NCAA competing in the Sunbelt conference that has produced the likes of ex-NBA players Chris Marcus, Johnny Givens, Tellis Frank and Chris Robinson).

Japeth sat out last year due to transfer rules. He has two years of varsity eligibility and hopes to make an impact to be able to make an impression on NBA scouts.

Not used to the physical brand of play in the US, Japeth locked himself up in the weight room and made earnest goals to improve on his strength. He’s still a few pounds away from his target of 220 lbs. but he has gained considerable strength which will be necessary when he faces the conference’s top big men.

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JRU vs. DLSU – it's College Ball fever this PM

Today, 4pm at the Philsports Arena, I am taking a break from the Iverson watch as my beloved DLSU Green Archers are going for the championship vs. the JRU Heavy Bombers in the Nike/Fil-Oil/Flying-V Homegrown Cup.

Yes, I used the world ‘beloved’ not only because I am an alumni and serious fan of the only team I’ve had a real affiliation with for many many years, it’s also because this is the only time I’ve had a chance to cheer and even talk about them in a basketball tournament context, in light of their ban in the UAAP.

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