Book Review: Don't Put Me In, Coach: My Incredible NCAA Journey from the End of the Bench to the End of the Bench

There are 3 things with ‘tell – all’ basketball books. First is they reel me in because of the promise of an ‘insiders look’ into how things are. Second, as I’m reading I’m instantly reminded of my own experiences (with the fantastic exception of not being in a Pro or even Championship team however. Ok maybe a few.)

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Review Of 'When The Game Was Ours'

Finished my friend Dindo’s book ‘When The Game Was Ours’ last week, a book he constantly raves about whenever he has the chance. Another friend who had also read it told me he finished it in just 2 days, so those are glowing reviews if I’ve ever heard any. Here’s what I think of it.

when the game was ours

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New Books, And Why You Should Read

Yesterday I approached a ‘Chapters & Pages’ outlet at Robinson’s Manila (one of those small free standing 2nd hand book stores), thinking of getting a new book as I had already finished with ‘The Book Of Basketball – The NBA According To The Sports Guy‘, which I talked about here. Being low on funds I was hoping to get something cheap yet interesting that’d help at the bedroom for when I can’t sleep (ok that didn’t sound right but you get the point).

Anyway, ten minutes later I was walking out of there P720.00 lighter, way way beyond budget. Here’s what I got:

Amazon has few reader reviews of this book, but the Editorial reviews are correct when they say how most of it is about Coach George Karl and when they came close in 93-94 with a best season ever 63-19 record, only to be downed by the Denver Nuggets. Remember that image of Dikembe on NBA Classics where he’s lying on the court laughing / crying holding a basketball up in the air with both hands? That’s the one.

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Review Of Glory Days, A Basketball Memoir

I finished reading the book Glory Days, A Basketball Memoir by Bill Reynolds yesterday, and I’m writing here my opinion of it before I forget. It’s a book I picked up at random at Robinson’s Manila of all places, when I was desperately looking for something to read to pass the hours before I fetched my girfriend from a dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was one of those two for one deals, and I got this one along with a book about how Netscape started in the 1990s for a total of P99.00. Quite a good deal it turns out.

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A Review Of Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior

Let me tell you outright that this book reached out to me more than any other book I’ve ever read. That is a mouthful right there, which is probably why it took me so long (2 weeks +) to write this review. Phil Jackson’s book starts his journey where he recalls how his playing career ended, consequently coaching in the CBA and in Puerto Rico and eventually Assistant coach to the Bulls where he starts his legacy, all the way to after the Michael Jordan led Bulls dominated the 90s leading to his (Jordan’s) first of many retirements.

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Basketball's best books

If you are a basketball junkie and have the money to burn, what book or magazine would you buy (and not have to regret later on)? Although there are many resources on the Internet, nothing beats the hell out of a printed material. The advantages? Well, you can always carry it around with you, even if you’re in a restroom for example. The disadvantages? One thing, you can’t do a basic search, except manual search using all your hands, eyes and brain. OK, you can always print an electronic copy but are you willing to shoulder the cost? One of the best things to look forward to during the offseason is the release of annual yearbooks for both professional and collegiate ranks. These yearbooks contain vital information (statistics, history, profiles) on each player, each team, from the previous year, as well as predictions for the incoming year. I have compiled below a list of books or resources which may interest you. Keep tab of the prices and where to find them:

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Book Review: Legends and Heroes of Philippine Basketball (Christian Bocobo and Beth Celis)

Legends and Heroes of Philippine BasketballIn my frequent travels to the land of great books and not so great books, one particular piece caught my attention. No, it was not a special swimsuit edition by Sports Illustrated (but I like what you’re thinking). The book was sealed and had an old basketball picture on its cover. It was dubbed “The Legends and Heroes of Philippine Basketball”, a masterpiece by Christian Bocobo and renowned journalist Beth Celis.
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