Nostalgia Alert: PBA Retro Jerseys At Robinsons

I caught this ‘bazaar’ on its last day by accident a few weeks back at Rob Manila. It was supposed to be the last day and they were just pulling out jerseys and shorts from boxes.

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Hyperdunks Bring On the Awesome

By now, everyone on the planet who’s ever shot a ball in a hoop has got to have heard of Hyperdunks. Now, I consider myself pretty much the average Joe (or ‘Jose’ since I’m Pinoy) when it comes to sneaker – love. I mean, I like them and all, but they cost serious $$$, and I’m old now, so I thought I’m pretty much past that stage, right?

Right. Until I went to a Nike Event last August 9, and saw the Hyperdunk Wall:

No, they don’t really call it the ‘Hyperdunk Wall’. I just gave it that name, and it really just took my breath away. For a moment there, I was in my teens again, screaming MAAAN check out those KICKSSSS!*

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Kickass Boston Fan Video

Ok all you Celtic fans out there. Yep, I know you guys exist. Just not very often on this blog though, so here’s an excellent video I found for all of you:

A terrific ode to Kevin Durant’s equally excellent video, re achieving his dreams:

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The Stat-Friendly Basketball Jerseys

teamawearNo, wearing these won’t magically increase your points, rebounds, and other whatnot. Rather, they wirelessly relay basketball stats from the player to the public.

Unbelievable? Presenting TeamAwear, “a next-generation basketball jersey which allows players to ‘wear their performance’ in order to enhance the awareness of information during game-play for all stakeholders, including: athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators.”

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