Jokic Dominates, Goodbye LAC

Only 14 pts, 6-22 fg from LAC’s main star

and only 10pts (!!), 4-15 fg from their 2nd star.

and sure Jokic only made 16pts he still contributed with 22 boards, and 13 assists each and every one utterly amazing. Murray pitched in 40 and this was really no contest:

What we really watched here was a superior team eventually making a mockery of a weaker one. And when I say eventually I mean it because this is a team that takes time to warm up.

The Nuggets needed to win 3 consecutive games twice since the Utah series. They would win one early then lose consecutively and then follow it up with three Ws in a row.

This indicates a team that is capable of winning but takes a while doing it. And from watching Jokic the past two games that’s his style of game. He’s tight and a little tentative at the start but when he gets going there is absolutely no one and nothing that can stop him.

He’s incredible but so is everyone on the court. This is the Playoffs after all and everyone that’s still around at this stage deserves to be there. But Jokic is above and beyond comparison at this point. He is truly a can do anything guy at his peak.

I am beyond excited to see them come up against LAL. The Lakers toughness has truly come out recently and they are amazing to watch as a team. Denver however is still kind of a two man team but if Harris, Grant and Millsap can do more they’ll be more of a match up even for the vaunted LAL.