Nuggets Arise From The Grave, Make it 3-1 AKA A Young Paul Millsap

I like this picture, supposedly the older version of that girl in the famous meme. It’s probably not her but someone that just looks like her. The ‘Feeling Old Yet’ however hits the mark.

And frankly so does this picture, of Paul Millsap dunking over a hapless Landry Shamet who might as well be a willing participant in a Paul Millsap dunk poster contest as he foolishly tries to chase an all alone fast break dunk.

Previous to this Nuggets phenom Center Jokic grabbed a rebound and one – handed a full court pass to the streaking 35 year old forward and 13 year veteran for that dunk pictured above.

Said dunk was indicative of an electric performance throughout the 3rd eventually ending up with 17pts in 29 minutes of play. While that may not necessarily be impressive the issue of note here is that he electrified a team that was down 3-1 and whose young guns were effectively going through the motions.

I feel old because I can still remember when he was referred to as ‘young Paul Millsap’ and was reminiscent of bulky power forwards such as Karl Malone. In fact he started in Utah in ’06 and was constantly referred to as the 2nd coming.

That didn’t pan out but I would keep an eye on him. He was a solid player and reliable in his position albeit not a superstar and certainly hardly that anymore today.

Except for today where he shone as the reliable veteran who being armed with vast experience are impervious to whatever else the team is going through and just play their asses off whatever situation they may be in. And so while the rest of the Nuggets including superstars Jokic, Jamal Murray (26ppg) and Michael Porter JR (12.1ppg) looked to be staring at the floor possibly depressed at the idea of their impending elimination, Millsap just did his thing, scoring, rebounding, hustling and even sinking a 3 from the left deep corner all in the 3rd.

The Nuggets eventually won in the 4th without him due to timely threes and defense from Jokic, Murray and even Porter, (whom I have serious doubts over despite the potential he is suspected of having), but let’s be real. None of that would have happened without Millsap, who was sitting all of the 4th.

Side note:

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