Wizards 115 Hawks 99; Washington goes to Round 2, Still My Potential Team To Watch

I mentioned in the past that Washington was my favored team to watch and that has to do with the John Wall / Marcin Gortat tandem, who play the pick and roll to a perfection reminiscent of the Malone – Stockton days. I’ve always felt there was no play as devastatingly simple, quick and effective as the pick and roll, but having two players who not only have a predilection for it but are athletically built for this purpose as well is a rarity in the era of the stretch 5.

I know I’m supposed to be talking about their recently concluded playoff game on this blog post, but I just can’t help myself. The way Wall (and sometimes Bradley Beal), just literally hand the ball to an oncoming Gortat should help the anti – science idiots learn about two important disciplines. First, Chemistry involving the two players. The coming together and understanding in mind and body of two people without words being spoken or eyes meeting. And second, a lesson in Physics where two opposing forces come together, one the hapless defense and the other a 6’11 240lb. hulking behemoth charging down the lane like a freight train ready to pound the basketball down the hoop. It’s amazing to watch and just the thought of it makes anyone who loves watching this game excited.


So anyway, the game.

Wall put on a clinic in the deciding ending minutes via jumper after jumper, with this one punching the final nail on the Hawk’s coffin:

Dennis Schroeder (10 pts in 40 mins) looks to me to have all the tools to be a big star in his position except he doesn’t have the sudden burst of speed ala Westbrook or quick two step ala Isaiah Thomas. He’s just athletic and quick, but without any standout specialty to my mind. Today he was bamboozled by Wall, a legitimate superstar especially after this game. This guy is not only a special individual player but clearly the heart and soul of the Wizards with him barking out instructions and singularly deciding on the court what his team does and how they do it.

To the positive of this trait there is no doubt. He is their leader and they all kowtow to him, an important element of any successful team. I’m therefore looking forward to their oncoming Boston series to see how the Celtics respond to this, and of course any opportunity to watch Isaiah Thomas quick – step his way into the lane the way he does is a real treat as well.

But even if they don’t, a few Gortat – Wall pick and rolls will still make my day. Apropos segue to below visual aid that helps emphasize my points: