HOU 115 OKC 111; Rockets Ahead 2-0

Despite Russell Westbrook’s 51, the Rockets prevailed 115 to 111 on James Harden’s 35 pts., followed by Eric Gordon’s 22 and Lou Williams 21.

In contrast, OKC’s 2nd highest pointer was Andre Roberson with 12 and a tie for 3rd with Victor Oladipo and Doug McDermott scoring 11 each.

I don’t think anyone really expects OKC to go far in the playoffs but if you were to wonder why that’s the reason right there. While Westbrook is putting on a show that is blowing all our minds his teammates aren’t holding up the rest of the ship. The fact many of you haven’t heard of them adds to this thinking as well.
I can’t help but wonder what’s going on in people’s minds when you consider the spectacular season Westbrook is having. He is scoring 50 pt playoff games and recently broke the triple double record, and I can only think of part awe and part regret. Awe at his amazing accomplishment and regret that all this is for a team that won’t probably get past the 1st round.

Of course he is going to play his all – that is the only thing a person who regularly scores triple doubles knows to do. But how long can he keep it up? Can he still play that way when he finally gets better help to make it further in the playoffs?

And how about this thought – Even if he DOES get help, will scoring 50+ points and dominating the game like he does result in a better team?

Assuming he lands a big name teammate like Carmelo Anthony for example, would OKC then become a contender? Or will it collapse internally the way it did when Durant was still there, eventually making him want to leave?

None of these questions we can answer of course. The only thing we CAN do is enjoy watching the most gifted, possible the most talented athlete there is today, Russell Westbrook. The rest of the stuff we’ll all just have to hope will work out for him and his team later on.