Gearing Up For The Playoffs

I normally watch NBA games in full while I work out. I’ve always appreciated people on YouTube for that because they post full games sans the long run up to the game, time outs, interviews, half-time – literally everything that doesn’t have anything to do with two teams playing basketball is chopped off and it’s absolutely fantastic. You get the tip off the moment you press play, there are no extended images of idiotic people waving every time there’s a time out and the whole game is over in 1 1/2 hours.

Obviously as I am a basketball blogger I churn out my own thoughts about these things so at the end of working out I often end up researching players I’ve never heard about who did well in the game I just watched. For example I happened to watch the Jazz beat the Warriors (105-99) and was mightily impressed with the amazing Rudy Gobert, the 7 foot French phenom Utah Jazz Center who was swatting shots and picking boards so easily it didn’t even look like he was breaking a sweat.

So while the world was concerned with the game being KD’s comeback I just wanted to check the guy out, so I picked up my sports app to learn more about him.

sports apps

The combination of watching the game followed by researching via nba apps is a terrific way to keep myself in the know about these things and oddly enough has become a healthy habit as well since I work out while doing it. Now that the playoffs are here I’m glad I have my routine going so I don’t miss out on anything as I plan to write the heck out of this postseason.