You’ll Agree Why I’m Not Writing As Often As I Wish

I rarely ever get comments, and so I was very happy to read Gabe‘s yesterday.


Believe me I am thrilled. But I would like to show you something that’s even a bigger thrill, and who happens to be the answer to gabe’s question as well. Here he is all 2.5 months of him:


Everyone meet Angel Christopher aka Ace, my little boy.


Clearly he takes after his Dad. And now here’s a selfie:


This is an actual shot of me watching a game, the NBA finals I think. Most of the day he’s with his yaya but at night he’s either feeding with his mom or talking game (ie., being lulled to sleep) by me.

The little dude doesn’t take too kindly to noise and light (who would if you were sleepy), so if I get to watch a game at all, I watch in the dark with the volume way down or off. He will get fussy if you don’t hold him right, or if you try to lie down before he’s actually asleep. I’m a first timer with this, Dads out there will know what I’m talking about. Basketball is a distant 2nd in your mind when the little guy starts wailing.

I have to tell you dear friends and anyone else who happens to come by this blog, I have nothing but love in my heart, except maybe incredulity at the idea we have such a beautiful little boy in our lives.

There are a lot of things I wanna do related to basketball more or less. In the back of my mind I’ve been wanting to find a way to write a basketball book. I’m hoping maybe I can get myself adopted by a player or a team, or somehow find access to a team so I can write about the experience. I think of this while all the while running a hosting / webdev and ad placement biz to put food on the table.

In other words basketball, and writing about it, is always on my mind and I can’t see things changing anytime soon. But as every dad, especially new dad knows everything is a second tier behind that little bundle that sleeps on my chest every night.