Go Ahead And Give LeBron A Call

Well of course I’m gonna post Nike’s invite for everyone to phone LeBron.

It’s legit of course, having come from a Nike press release directly after the game. It’s also obviously well thought out and quite original, as always.

The thing with posting this a few days after the Championship is you have the benefit of looking back. What I’m talking about is that in that video at :46 rapper Drake was going on about how much love he had for LeBron, which LeBron properly acknowledges, referring to Drake as family. Which is great. Only problem was one of the things people noticed was how Drake wasn’t allowed into the locker room directly after the Heat win. So, so much for all the ‘much love brother’ stuff.

Seriously, it was just a case of the guy not having the proper pass and a security guard just doing his job, so no real problem there I’m sure they all met up later on to party.

Anyway, here’s more Nike gear as described from the press release:


Nike Basketball also pays tribute to James’s leadership and perseverance with a limited-edition championship pack, including, the LEBRON X PS ELITE, the LEBRON X LOW, two hats and a T-shirt.

Worn by James in Game 1 of the 2013 Finals, the LEBRON X PS ELITE has a red upper skin with a gloss geometric palm-leaf graphic inspired by Miami’s signature Art Deco architecture and native plant life. The shoes sock-liners are imprinted with “2-time champion” on the left and the seasons “11-12, 12-13” on the right.

The LEBRON X LOW sports an upper skin with a unique floral palm splatter print showcasing birds of paradise and palm trees. The upper is finished with a black matte skin with gloss chromaflair palm print graphic from toe to midsole and a glow-in-the-dark outsole. It also has imprinted “2-time champion” and “11-12, 12-13” sock-liners to celebrate James’s championship.

The two shoes and hats will be sold in a pack and will be available in very limited quantities in North America and China. The championship “Witness 2” T-shirt is available to pre-order on nike.com and will hit stores globally early next week.

Belated Congrats Heat. Coming back with a more thorough post on my thoughts about it real soon.