Magic's Righteous Rants and What I Think Of The Mess That Is The Lakers

Magic tweeted this today.


And by doing so has published exactly what I’ve felt all the way since the Coach Brown days.

He doesn’t stop there though, he was on a roll.magic

I’m not altogether knowledgeable about Dwight Howard’s ‘complaining’. I’m sure about World Peace ‘making great quotes’ or at least trying very hard to, and also about Kobe having an MVP year (if so, would be he the oldest MVP ever?). I’m also not so sure about questioning Steve Nash as well, purely because I have yet to investigate how well or badly he’s been playing.

I am though, 100% sure about how awful it is that Coaches get the stick first and foremost when their teams aren’t performing up to par, and I consider it to be one of the most unfair things out there in sports.

First of all, the ‘par’ in ‘not performing up to par’ is all in the fans’ heads. In their heads if you put a bunch of stars in a team the expected result is win after win, and so if that doesn’t happen the Coach is surely to blame right? While I admit I never expected them to be below .500, I at least will give them the fact that it takes time for a team to gel. And so therefore a coaching change mid season has to be the worst thing to do.

But since the fans just couldn’t shut their idiot mouths about what they suppose is right, Brown was kicked off and a new coach and system was put in place. It’s ok by me if you have a surefire solution in the incoming coach but the problem is the guy who changed him appears to be in as much a bind as the old one, meaning the supposed solution has turned out to be a non – solution. It’s become clear the new guy brought nothing to the table because he wasn’t the problem to begin with.

I’m hoping against hope that fans finally learn to shut their traps when it comes to thinking of how a team should and shouldn’t be run. It’s not like Fantasy Basketball where you can stack stats on top of the other and the winning team is basically an aggregate of numbers added up. True basketball is an aggregate of sorts, but involving non – quantifiables such as ‘chemistry’ and ‘relationships’.

These things take time and because the NBA is so hyper sensitive to what fans think, they do not allow this time to coaches and teams. Before a coach can recognize the situation and act on it, he’s out the door.

If you want further proof of this, I’m gonna make a bet with you.

I’m gonna bet Coach Brown is going to find a new NBA team to coach next year, or at least be amongst the top names to choose from when a slot opens up. And he’s probably going to do well because he’s not a bad coach. Why is this significant? Because it means that no one really believes he is the reason the Lakers did so badly. In any other industry a CEO would never be heard from again if he were really such a bad manager. But real basketball people know that the reason why he got the axe was purely because of fan pressure. Otherwise if he’d been given the time he might have turned the Lakers around already. Of course I can never be 100% sure of that, but I at least am sure he’d be much further into finding a solution than the current guy.