Fiba Asia 2012: Iran vs. Philippines

Oh well.

To be honest I missed most of the game due to work. But the stats I saw from speak volumes:

Game Highlights:
– Jared Dillinger contributed 13 points but with 4 turnovers
– LA Tenorio also with 13 points but committed 5 turnovers
– Marcus Douthit in double digits with 11 points and also with 7 rebounds (and 5 turnovers) and did not play after getting his 4th foul early in the 4th quarter
– Smart Gilas committed 23 turnovers (4 turnovers each by Norwood and Dillinger)
– Philippines will face the loser of Qatar vs Japan match for 3rd place

Game Scores:

Philippines 70 – Douthit 11, Dillinger 13, Tenorio 10, Chan 5, de Ocampo 4, Norwood 4, Fonacier 5, Villanueva 3, David 2, Thoss 0

The thing with getting into the Semis of any tournament is that no matter how good your showing was previous, you gotta get ten times better moving forward.

In order to do that everything has to be absolutely clicking. The passing, the running, rebounding and shooting. If you’ve not perfected it at this point you don’t stand a chance. In the Semis, you’re way past perfecting an assist, ganging up for a rebound, setting a pick and running at the perfect time, and of course, sinking shots when the opportunity presents itself.

The teams that deserve to be there are waaaay past just ‘playing well’. In the Semis, you need to play absolutely perfect. There is no room for anything else.

This is what I was worried about in the past. Watching our team vs. Chinese – Taipei, it didn’t look like the well oiled Championship calibre team that it should be. I felt our only hope really, was that we could suddenly improve our shooting, which was up to that point our sorest weakness.

The turnovers committed by our team tonight, plus reportedly its inability to protect against Iran’s 3 pt shooting, shows our team was not prepared to be there. Iran on the other hand, was shooting like it belonged. The result therefore is logical, and therefore really isn’t stressing me out.

We don’t deserve to win, somebody else did. That’s just the way it is.

We have a chance to win 3rd tomorrow, which the announcers mentioned is our best showing in a long time. That’s good to hear, but what’s more important for me is that the Smart Gilas program, this time powered by PBA players, seems to be a working model. In light of the fact especially considering players have commitments to their home teams as well. This team, while far from perfect, is certainly no pushover. If it is allowed to develop as much as Gilas 1.0 (is that what they’re officially called?), then the future looks bright.

And that’s all I gotta say really. I’ll always cheer for the Philippine team. Someone even asked me, because I sometimes criticize our team or cheer for the opponents when they’re playing well, which team was I really rooting for? That’s a silly question to ask. I’m Pinoy, I will cheer for the Philippines every hour of every minute of every day,and twice on Sundays.

But I won’t tolerate winning for the sake of winning. I can’t stand teams that win tournaments when it’s plain to see they do not deserve to be there. Maybe that’s why I can’t bring myself to watch the PBA (oops did I say that out loud?).

Seeing the Gilas team suffer is ok with me, because they’re at least improving, and are deserving of their lot in life, win or lose. We’ll get to the Championship eventually. Gilas just needs to stay focused on its path.