Jones Cup Phils v. Iran 2012 In BulletPoints

We Keep Missing Shots – I’ll go right ahead and get to the biggest reason why this game was much harder than it should’ve been, and that is plain and simple, we keep missing shots.

Easy shots, slightly more difficult shots, layups, jumpers, 3s and in one occasion, a wide open all – alone layup. These were missed with alarming regularity, so much so it was just difficult to ignore.

And I emphasize the fact they’re difficult to ignore because I usually don’t pay attention to missed shots. All players know that if you miss that’s ok, because you’re gonna get another chance later and surely that’s going to go in. It makes sense to think that because Jesus Christ, in practice you usually take 100 – 200 jumpshots, and if that doesn’t teach you that your shots will eventually go in sooner or later, nothing will.

Until now I do not begrudge the Philippine team’s missed shots because missed shots are just part of basketball. They happen, you don’t dwell on it, you don’t apologize, and you keep on keepin’ on, you know what I mean? But the missing was so constant I was starting to wonder if they were having difficulty with the ball or the surface or something.

Incidentally, I don’t understand players who apologize when they miss shots. If you’re gonna take a shot you KNOW it’s a good shot, otherwise you wouldn’t knowingly take a bad shot right? So if you miss a good attempt, there’s nothing to apologize about because everyone recognizes you’re not a fucking machine that sinks every shot you take. So save your breath and get the rebound or defend or something, apologies not necessary. Conversely, if you do take a bad shot, an apology is due even if it goes in.

Anyway moving on.

I think we’re about 50% there – The Smart – Gilas team that played Iran yesterday is worlds apart from the one that played Japan previous. This team was hustling on defense, zoned, ran (a fact allowed more by Iran’s questionable defense), and set picks. Previously the strategy seemed to be simply to look for the open man and drop it to Douthit at every chance. I’m glad we didn’t go that route anymore and used our speed to much better advantage.

The fact we ran puts emphasis on our guards more particularly Mercado, Tenorio and Norwood. In one instance eventual game MVP Norwood was just out of breath and asked to be taken out. The rotation therefore needs looking into, especially since he is looking to be the best player of the team and maybe the tournament so needs to be preserved for the big moments.

I mentioned Iran’s doubtful defense and I think that did them in. There were at least 5 or 6 easy drop passes to an open Douthit under the basket which led to easy dunks or lay – ins, and that just takes the fight out of any team I don’t care who you are. While their guards were ok and their Center Kardoust was playing like a freak (he used to warm the bench and was, well, pretty lousy), their inside D was just a donut with a gaping hole in the middle.

Some facts I copied from the TV:

Stat Ave. Height Ave. Age Oldest Player Youngest Player
Philippines 6’3″ 28 34 22
Iran 6’5″ 24 28 18

Boxscores: I wish I had more stats. Would love to know the shooting % and rebounding.

Gilas 77 – Douthit 22, Norwood 17, Chan 12, Mercado 8, David 8, Fonacier 6, De Ocampo 2, Tenorio 0, Villanueva 0, Thoss 0.
Iran 75 – Bahrami 26, Kardoust 16, sahakian 12, Afagh 8, Kamrani 5, Aslani 4, Nabipour 4, Atashi 0, Hamed 0.
Quarters: 21-19, 33-33, 58-49, 77-75