Don Allado Calls The PBA Fixed

Early this morning on Twitter, Don Allado (@alotofDON) said this:

I retweeted it a few hours ago, and as I write this a few minutes before 10am, he even retweets my RT.

My first reaction was that it must’ve been a joke or something, wondering whether that was officially Don Allado’s account, so I have to admit I ignored it. I had other things to do anyway, and I got busy.

Now, after his RT approximately 3 hours later I figured this is the real thing. Don Allado is VENTING on Twitter, and as all – out as he possibly can.

My second reaction was to tweet him to calm down. In fact that’s what other people’s tweets to him said, being 3am, they probably thought he was drunk or high or something, and told him to get some rest. But it’s way into the day as I write this and clearly, via his retweeting my tweets and others, he means to be doing this and is totally serious. His succeeding tweets indicate this as well.

So after initially thinking he was making a mistake, I now think he should Go For It. Right now he’s saying he wants to be sanctioned and that ‘he will expose them all‘.

That is awesome.

If Allado has proof that the PBA is fixed then goddamnit we need to see this. I want to know, directly from a PBA player, how it’s done and who are involved.

People have been bellyaching for years, no decades, that the PBA isn’t as transparent as it should be. I am itching to know if there’s any proof to that, and am deeply hoping that Don does get sanctioned (which is a sure thing by now), and that he delivers on his promise of exposure.

And I’m hoping that for Don’s sake as well. Anything other than a full – on disclosure of the PBA’s misdeeds will suffice after this morning’s rampage.

3 thoughts on “Don Allado Calls The PBA Fixed”

  1. If Don can say that his championships & awards from this league were all fixed, I would say he’s the MAN. If not, he will just be a sour loser for the rest of his playing career (if there’s anything left).

    Was it also fixed that Don is averaging single digit this conference? Maybe only Don knows.

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