Postgame: NBA Finals Game 3; OKC at MIA

James makes 29 pts., 14 boards and 3 assists in 39 minutes. Good numbers any time of the year, but it’s the finals, so I’m thinking ‘only 3 assists??

Wade makes 25 pts., 7 boards though, and while Bosh has 10 pts., he is double digits in boards again, but just at 11.

What I’m trying to say is, what I want in this Finals is a big breakout performance. I mentioned Harden should go 30 in my last post, and Fisher should score more, but today they were just good for 9 pts. each. Anybody else other than Durant needs to score more, but we’ve only got 19 from Westbrook and 10 from Perkins, and he’s not even expected to score so that doesn’t really count.

If I sound harsh then so be it. I’ve watched Finals for years and if there’s anything I know that counts, it’s when big players come up big, and produce numbers worthy of their stature. Today it’s James, and that’s it. OKC needs to unleash their own kind of nasty to pull this one out, and with the next 2 games in MIA that is harder than it usually is.

Another thing I want to point out is how MIA has transformed themselves into a very calm and collected basketball team, and that shows in its FTs and it’s behavior down the final minutes.

Check this out. MIA has 88.6% freethrow shooting, and that is just freaking fantastic.

Also, notice MIA still has 2 timeouts remaining at end of game. That is a sign that the team is playing under control, not needing to use their rest and reserving them for panic situations, of which they do not have any.

During the halftime Doris Burke interview, James said something about ‘putting themselves in a good position for the end of the game’, (or something like that), and that is exactly what they just did. Spoelstra is doing a fantastic job, learning from Game 1 when they ran out of gas in the 4th, and reserving his team’s strength for the final minutes instead. That’s actually a page out of Coach Brook’s game plan when they played the San Antonio series.

I think the only way OKC can outplay them is matching MIA point for point. I’m sticking therefore with my theory that in order for them to win, Harden and Fish must do better than 9 apiece, with Harden shooting 30 or more. Other than that, I can’t see how OKC can improve anywhere else as they are already good defensively.