Postgame: NBA Finals Game 2; MIA at OKC

My mind is on a bunch of different things right now, so I can only recall certain sections of the game, I hope I get it right. What comes to mind most of all are these:

That’s Bosh with an easy dunk off of a great dribble penetration by Wade, where he’s given a great pick by LeBron.

That’s the ‘big 3’ collaborating on a shot, and for me that’s what it should all be about. For me, when you’re facing extreme pressure, you do only one thing = execute.

OKC then follows by making a fantastic steal followed by a clutch, CLUTCH 3 by KD. At the next inbound with 17 seconds to go, James is left to his devices to score, and what does he do? He *gasp* goes for a three.

I mean, 20+ seconds to go, ball in your hands and your team has all the opportunities to make something out of this. And what does he do? SHOOT A GODDAM THREE. Question marks appear above the basketball faitfhful’s heads all over the world at that point. This is James, making another of his decisions again.

Thankfully, Miami provided an all around fantastic game. I’ve always thought they needed two things, namely, 1.) scoring from someone else, hopefully from the 3., and 2.) more possessions. And they had those today.

Battier came up with a fantastic 17 pts., with 5-7 3pt shooting, and Bosh absorbed 15 rebounds, 7 more than any of the Thunder players. Final results here:

To me those 17 Battier pts., and 15 Bosh rebounds are what won Miami this game. I know you might say 32 and 24 pts. from LeBron and Dwade matter of course, but 32 and 27 + 21 from Durant, Westbrook and Harden even those things out.

How Miami beats the Thunder is by somehow finding a way to control OKC’s tremendous 2nd half explosions, which they seem to turn on (particularly Durant) via a switch. They come on so strong you can feel it all the way here. They are a team that thrives on momentum, and to beat them Miami has to be ready when they come. I think they managed to do that by buffering their lead via Battier’s 3, helped along by increased no. of possessions from Bosh’s rebounding.

For OKC to get above this, I want to see more scoring from Harden. I think the guy’s good for at least 30 pts., and more contributions from their other guys, via double digits from Ibaka or Fisher.

Ok that’s enough basketball for now. I gotta get my head screwed on for other things. It’s a Friday no less, so to the 2 (ok, 3) people who actually read this, have a nice weekend!