PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 3; SAN at OKC Game 6

Well there you go.

And this is the man responsible.

And boyoboyoboy was I so wrong how I thought this would pan out, thinking SAN would take this all the way. Instead, after winning 2 they totally collapse and allow OKC their confidence to get it done in the end.

Right now I gotta rush to an event but I really don’t have much to add anyway. I don’t really care to check the stats either because, well, a collapse is a collapse, and there are no statistics to justify losing 3 straight. We can talk about the possibility that Parker was played too long or the Spurs got unlucky with calls but, as any player who’s played in big games and lost knows, those things don’t really matter. The important thing is you take care of business right then and there, and I tell you what, OKC got it done.

I’m still not a total believer of OKC though. But more on that in the Finals, I really gotta run 😀