PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 3; OKC at SAN Game 5

I gotta tell ya, this is what it’s all about:

That’s James Harden sticking a dagger 3 into the heart of SAN 5:17 to go, causing their lead to go up 100-88. Clearly the turning point in the game.

And I am one with all the basketball crazy all over the world in asking: What The FUCK has happened to the San Antonio Spurs?

How can a team which was playing PERFECT basketball 2 games ago now trailing a game behind and teetering on the edge of elimination?

We can look at the numbers all we like and it just doesn’t tell us the answer. Stats above even show SAN leading in rebounds, a key indicator in any game, and we still can’t figure it out.

And the thing is I’m not ready to say OKC is as strong as its fans want to make us believe either. Mainly because of this guy:

Oh he’s terrific of course. The subject of many a highlight reel. But championship material? Far from it. Until I can see him actually assisting his teammates, who happen to be either the 3 time scoring champ and/or the 6th man of the year, he’s not gonna get the nod from me.

Sigh. San Antonio.

I’ll be honest and admit I was shoeing them into another Championship this year, but instead they’re proving (once again) what little I actually know about basketball.

Whatever they need to do they need to do it fast. And the thing is I’m sure it doesn’t have to do with any particular skill set or any kind of play. They have those already in abundance, it’s just they’ve not decided to use it these past 3 games.

Not to take away from OKC’s defense, which has been awesome. Causing 17 turnovers and scoring 28 off of these is amazing any day of the year.

But the Spurs are losing not because they are lacking in anything. Rather they are losing because they are not playing the way they’re used to. And try as I might, I just don’t understand why. They’re not injured, neither are they particularly slow. They’ve just decided to stop playing good basketball, and its left me scratching my head.

Right now if you tell me this is all a ploy to extend the series so these small markets can make more money, I’d believe you.