PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 3; MIA at BOS Game 4

What I remember most about this game is this:

and this:

The first is James and Garnett getting hooked up in the 4q, with both getting called for TFs. The 2nd one is Pietrus and James, with Pietrus hooking James up again, eventually getting the call to get James’ 6th and taking him out the game.

Of course there are other more positive notable moments, such as yet another Rondo spectacular night with 15 assists and 15 points, and what about those 2 consecutive off. rebounds from Pietrus that kept Miami from getting a possession in the dying seconds of OT.

But what bothers me are those two pics, because they signify the level of flopping going on and how unfortunate it is they were such factors.

Garnett hooked James (sorry I couldn’t get a better pic on a replay) by putting James’ arm inside the crook of his elbow, and then suddenly lunging the other way to pretend he is pushed. This is similar to the 2nd pic, again with James as the recipient.

This is not a call out for James in particular, I just happened to catch these. Pierce is generally just as much a recipient and affector of these things as well.

Albeit I recognize how difficult it is for the refs to catch these, and knowing that sure, it’s possible to give as well as receive and every player can learn this, I just have to shake my head as to how these can effect a game so much. A few calls here and there and by golly, there goes the game. I would by far enjoy a game far more if it had been won via a team’s strategy and team skill than via flops, which have the effect of a needle deflating a balloon. Sure the game is exciting because there were lots of ties and great one on one opportunities in the end. Even Wade’s final shot could’ve won this if it had gone in.

But all those flops just took away so much from the game. Enormous 200+lb. 6’1 to 6’8 guys falling down without anything even remotely near them is just not right.