PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 3; SAN at OKC Game 4


Need proof?

The Spurs average 23.2 for the season in assists. To come up with just 17 today, while OKC goes 27 after averaging only 18 for the season says a lot.

And incredibly, OKC did it with interior passing. INTERIOR HALFCOURT PASSING. What playoff worthy team would allow such a thing? I can understand if, like in Game 3, OKC did it via its quick guards producing steals whole court. But SAN bigs just standing around while OKC pass the ball amongst themselves at halfcourt? Come ON.

The highlight of this game will definitely be Durant going in beast mode, scoring 14 in the dying 4 minutes. But the bigger story is SAN’s breaking down. Where were the crisp, pinpoint passes? Where was the speed? The misdirection plays and the unpredictability of their offense?

OKC has SAN playing a game that is totally outside their comfort zone and they are biting it hook line and sinker. Even Coach Popovich was screaming that they start play the same way again, asking Duncan to, whatever he does, do it quick. When you get the ball, pass it or shoot it, do whatever, just quickly.

I’m a believer in the concept of ‘peaking’, where teams either improve or crash in a slow upward or downward spiral. So were the Spurs 20 win streak the cusp of that peak?