PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 3; MIA at BOS Game 3

I’m afraid I only caught the very early and the very latter parts of this game because.. well it’s Saturday and I wanted us to wake up to a corned beef with eggs breakfast and so I was busy cooking so sue me.

So anyway I didn’t catch how MIA either lost it or BOS won it, but I’m betting BOS won it by changing the game plan, keeping things on the half court and slowing things down. When you do that you negate MIA’s advantage on the open court.

I caught MIA’s whittling of BOS’ 17pt deficit to as low as 9 and that was exciting. They had to play small ball however, with James playing C and consequently guarding Garnett. BOS kept trying therefore to lob to Garnett and failed at that several times, and I thought that was really all MIA had to do – keep the ball from getting to KG and surround him when he does.

Sadly the few times they did get it in it worked too well for BOS, and then of course Rondo’s spectacular and timely plays and passes was key to finally shut MIA down.

Again like the Spurs – OKC matchup this is yet another example of what a good team, in this case Boston, does when their backs are to the wall. They change the game in their favor, and whatever good you say to me about Joel Anthony, MIA looks weakest when playing half court. Especially since Bosh still isn’t around.

And again like the Spurs – OKC match, I’m interested to see what the defeated coach will adjust. I really have no bet either way. I’m really just watching good basketball and I don’t care who wins or loses. Right now I’m having the time of my life analyzing how they adjust to each others strategies. Every year around this time is basketball heaven and this year isn’t any different for me.