PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 3; BOS at MIA Game 2

Sometimes I wish I was one of those powerful bloggers / sports journalists in the US, because I would seriously call out LeBron James. I would ask things like, 2.9 seconds left with the game tied, ball in your hand against a smaller defender (Rondo). Why do you take a step back jumper from 17ft.?

In the play before that, Wade skips a brilliant bounce pass to you on a pick and roll ala TD and Manu, leaving you alone to drop an easy (esp. for you) left handed layup. HOW CAN YOU MISS THAT?

1.52 minutes left in the 4th, how can you possibly, how can you possibly miss 2 of 2 freethrows?

Deciding to drive it in finally against Rondo just before that, how can you take so much time as to allow Rondo to wrap his arms around the ball forcing a jump?

Answer me please. Given your great strength, ability and the fact you are M mother V fucking P. How how how??!?

LeBron James is an anomaly. A superstar that isn’t. A guy who can do it but can’t. A great player who isn’t great. I don’t get it. And until someone provides medical proof, something like maybe he develops an irregular heartbeat which makes him lose rhythm during pressure moments in a game, I just don’t get it. If anything, adrenaline should make you rise to the occasion. Up till now he’s done anything but.


Well anyway I can’t let this game finish without a pic of this guy, and so here you go.

The whole interwebz will soon go abuzz if not already due to his unbelievable play, and with a stat line like this

Who can blame them? 44 pts in 53 minutes, 2 of 2 3pm with 10 assists? If there’s anyone in the league right now putting up proper playoff numbers, Rondo’s name is number one. I said in a previous post that come playoffs, you DOUBLE your efforts. Clearly he believes this as well.

As for the outcome?

The game was exciting of course, but only because it wasn’t a very good game. BOS survived on jumpshots from KG, Allen and Rondo and that is just wonderful to watch, and the diving plays show the effort is clearly there, but they just don’t have enough talent on that bench to prolong their runs. I mean, you know you’re in trouble when you’re giving guys like Stiemsma playing time.

MIA on the other hand came out flat and remained so for a great part of this game, almost like they’re bored. There wasn’t a lot of energy in the 1st half, and they only started to show signs of life in the 4th. I’m glad to see Battier score 9 though, which I mentioned in a previous post. Haslem also got 13 and 4 of those on crucial set shots from the side of the ring, fulfilling the role Chris Bosh is supposed to play.

Overall I can understand a weak game from BOS with its injuries, but MIA’s lack of energy is inexcusable.

I don’t know enough of the character of the Heat to know if they are able to come back with more energy, because they are such a big question mark to me, especially their top player. The only thing I get out of this game is really, is if I were Coach Spoelstra and crunch time comes along, I need to design a play that will give the ball to Dwayne Wade, because the other guy can’t deliver.