PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; PHI at BOS Game 7

It took me a long while to write this because I was looking for Rondo’s stat, particularly scoring per quarter for this game. Sadly I couldn’t find any even after a thorough search of the usual online haunts, so I’ll just resort to the usual clickbait and post a pic of Rondo with that famous ‘dagger’ three, that help put them out of reach from PHI 68 – 76.

Sucks to be a PHI fan right now huh.

Which brings me to a little point I wanna make: I’m not a fan of any team or any player, really. Or maybe I am, but the Knicks are so goddam consistently awful that I have very low expectations year after year I don’t even remember feeling like a fan at all. Hence every year I approach the playoffs in a level headed fashion, given I don’t often have a bet either way.

The only fan I am of after all that’s said and done is good basketball. I don’t even care if a team is playing with ‘heart’ or ‘passion’, because imho if you execute well and often enough, you won’t need either of those. And dagger, make or break shots? They sell tickets sure, but again, if the team had done its homework well and early enough they wouldn’t need those.

So what do I think of this game? Well here’s the stat sheet and tell me what you think:

35% field goal shooting for PHI, and 42.5% for BOS, ladies and gentlemen. Jesus Christ if you tell me ‘this was a good game’, I’ll tell you right now you are not a fan of good basketball.

And I’ll tell you something else I believe in. I believe that come playoffs, you take everything up a notch. And I mean every stat down the line, including minutes played. My idol Dennis Rodman said that so it’s true. Nuff said.

So to shoot 35% and 42.5%, in a GAME 7, 2nd round? And you tell me you enjoy this game? Come.ON.

I looking for Rondo’s quarter by quarter scoring because they showed that briefly in the game and it just shocked me. Just a few points up to the 3rd, then he burst into life in the 4th. I can understand low numbers from Pierce, Allen and KG, who played well inspite of injuries. But Rondo’s ok, right? So where was he 3/4th of the game?

And sure I should cut him some slack since he dished out 10 assists and sink the game winners after all. But to me that’s just not barely enough, for two reasons. 1.) if you can do that well in the 4th, then keep the pressure on throughout the game. In Rondo’s case, do something about those head scratching 15 turnovers! and 2.) they’re up against the MIAMI HEAT next. And if I have to explain why BOS have their hands full come Round 3 then you probably haven’t been watching a lot of the playoffs.