PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; MIA at IND Game 6

I just gotta say that this pic right here, is unbelievable.

That is DWade running up for a bank shot over the outstretched arms of IND defense, and scoring a total of 41, FORTY ONE, leading his team in to the Eastern Conference Finals.

And when Van Gundy, announcing for the night, asked aloud which team out there has a guy as No. 2 option scoring 40, I just had to shake my head and believe. I mentioned MIA was finally on its game, that whatever troubles were haunting them in the past seem to have been taken care of, and they have just blown IND out of the water, winning 3 straight games and scoring above 100 each time, to take the advantage away.

This is now a MIA team that can be compared to the 90’s Tim Hardaway – Zo Mourning teams, the ones that were entertaining to watch because they were so tough and resilient.

And you know what? I read a lot about the ugly, UGLY Pittman foul on Stephenson.

And the equally ‘inappropriate’ TF by Haslem on Hansbrough, causing them one suspension each, keeping them out of Game 6.

But you know what? I watched the NBA in the 90’s, and Zo, Tim, Rice, Majerle, PJ Brown, Mashburn, and more importantly, Coach Pat Riley would have it no other way. IND had the temerity to insult them, and so they stepped up and showed who’s boss.

And in case you’ve ever wondered if there are any life lessons to be learned from sports, then that’s one right there. You always go into a contest thinking you’re the winner even before it starts, or you don’t enter at all. If someone has the gall to insult you or show disrespect in any way, then you let them know and you let them know HARD.

And let me draw the line here. No I don’t mean you pick up a baseball bat and take care of it outside. I mean you let them know in the game, in the arena where you battle, without killing each other, but in no uncertain terms making sure they get the message.

Pittman’s elbow? Sending a message. Haslem’s smack in the face? Sending a message. Wade raining 41? Sending a message, and taking them to the Conf. Finals along with it.

This is 90s basketball all over again gentlemen. We’ve been whining for years how we miss the times when teams hated each other, and now here it is and we’re screaming ‘too much’?