PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; BOS at PHI Game 6

I am just amazed at this guy.

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In fact I am amazed at PHI’s front court. Jrue Holiday? Evan Turner? Louis Williams? Who are these guys?

But there they are, scoring 20, 12 and 11 respectively, with Brand and their only ‘legit’ superstar Igoudala handing in just 13 and 12. In contrast to BOS’ Pierce, Allen, KG and guys like Bass and Pietrus, all of whom have multiple playoff and finals appearances, these guys are babies.

The stats bely this as a truly ugly game:

PHI is down in FTs, 3pts % & Rebounds and aren’t all that dominating in the others either. What allows them reprieve is the fact that BOS is just playing goddam awful as well shooting 33.3 percent. That’s 2 shots clanging out of 3. And 12 PHI turnovers to BOS’ 17? That’s a lot of running up and down the court.

Same as previous games, at some point in the late first half, both teams for some odd reason just decide to stop scoring, and either throw up brick after brick or start giving the ball to their opponents. Fastbreaks off of turnovers result in a lot of fouling, and that’s why there’s a lot of stoppage with both teams taking their turns on the line.

All that results in an ugly game. BOS is clearly not the BOS of yore. With Pierce acting hurt and Allen looking like he’d rather watch the American Idol finals instead (see how I inserted the AI reference to keep relevant there), only KG looks like a threat, but not much of one either. I didn’t catch what happened to Bass today, but after a great game he had only 8.

Going back to my main pic at the top, JRUE HOLIDAY however is turning out to be the real thing. I think it hasn’t sunk in yet for most fans, but those penetrations he’s doing in the lane is usually reserved for bigger names, such as Westbrook or DWade.

He’s quick, he’s smart, he has a soft touch around the rim and by golly he even has a surname that pundits like myself can play around with. That is a complete package if I ever saw one.

I’ll end this post now with a final thought: I’m happy we have a Game 7 finally. I was looking forward to that with the LAL – OKC series, or even IND – CHI, but so far we’ve seen blow – outs and teams bowing out due to injury of their star player.

But even though this is a Game 7, both BOS and PHI aren’t the sort of teams that are really exciting to watch, and so my interest here is minimal. BOS looks often like they’re out of gas in the 4th, while PHI is really only advancing due to the speed and occasional good plays. What’s more, both teams do not look like they stand a chance against MIA, which is finally playing like they mean to win.

If BOS wins Game 7 it would be a miracle, while if PHI wins it’d be them beating a team that isn’t playing the way everyone wants to remember them. After that they’ll face a team that looks ready to destroy them. So let’s get this over with.