PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; PHI at BOS Game 5

57 all in the 3rd, Rondo walks down the ball and starts a 3 player setup involving himself, Brandon Bass and Paul Pierce.

Paul gives it up to Rondo who is at the right corner. Brandon gives him a pick. Rondo dribbles to his left, sucking up the defense. Suddenly a pass to an all alone Bass.

Both Igoudala and Brand are invited to appear in Bass’ poster. Story of the game.

And now here’s the kicker.

Bass gets 27 pts., player of the night and a career game. Rondo is equally spectacular, submitting 13pts. and 14 assists.

BUT (and here’s a bit but), I liked Philadelphia’s passing. I liked the flow of their offense, and just generally the way they moved around there.

The numbers don’t show a great disparity in turnovers and assists, and even FG% and rebounds wasn’t all that different. PHI even shot better at the 3, even if its just a small margin.

So I’m not gonna count the 76ers out yet. This is a strong young team, with guys like Turner and Holiday showing up big. PHI lost this one on by being unprepared and not handling Bass, who had a big game as a result. Also, Igoudala came up small with just 8 pts., which isn’t the kind of game you bring into the playoffs for a star like him.

And I just like Philadelphia overall. They don’t have ‘stars’, and everything they’re getting, they’re getting as a team. Teams that play like that are resilient, which is certainly what BOS with its injuries need right now.