PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; LAL at OKC Game 5

1:49 in the first quarter, Kobe drives to the left of the hoop, pumpfakes, and SHOOTS A LEFT HANDED JUMPSHOT OFF THE GLASS to score.

And I am impressed.

(And yes I’m putting a screenshot of my twitter account so you can follow me.)

After that though, there wasn’t much else to write about re the game that I didn’t surmise would. At my postgame for Game 4, I said:

I’m giving this series to OKC, probably when they’re at home. LAL always has this veil of invincibility that never allows them to be counted out of any contest, but imho this is LAL similar to last year. I never count them out, never count them out, then suddenly they’re eliminated. I’m thinking ditto for 2012.

And voila, that’s exactly what happened.

A lot of twitter traffic right now is putting the blame squarely on GM Mitch Kupchak, but I’m reserving judgement because like most things in the NBA, you don’t really know until someone releases a tell – all book. And once you do you and you realize what really went on and it’s usually miles away from what everyone’s assuming right now.

The only thing I do believe is that yes, Fisher’s presence in the locker room was very important, but Sessions is a great pick up as well, and if you had to choose between the two the smart money is always on Sessions. I also believe that saying Odom should’ve stayed is wrong, because clearly the guy is having problems of some sort, resulting in a dramatic situation at Dallas. I do not think he could’ve contributed as well.

Other than that I know zip, and until it remains that way I’ll shut up about the Lakers losing 2012 season.

As for the future, boy oh boy, we got SAN vs. OKC, and that is all sorts of exciting. A very fast, youthful team of scoring machines in OKC vs. the robot – like efficiency of SAN, the winner of which will likely go all the way.

I’ll take my time writing that and I’ll do so when everything’s sunk in. Right now LAL is gone and I’m frankly sad to see them go.