PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; SAN at LAC Game 3

Back in Season 06 – 07, I wrote this:

Whenever I hear about the San Antonio Spurs being boring, I have to wince. To me, of course they’re boring. See, when a good team has got all its players playing well – their offense is top – notch, their defense is suffocating, and everyone is working like the cogs of a wheel that they are, like one cohesive unit, then yes, it actually gets boring to watch.

The 90’s Bulls, if you can remember, were also boring their way to a 70+ winning streak. So were the Lakers during their run. They just get soooo smooth, so well – oiled that it’s like watching an engine turn. There’s no drama since they execute so perfectly. There’s no wild unforced turnovers, no forced shots, no out – of – rhythm plays and no must – make Hail Mary shots at the end – because they didn’t need any. They usually result in such masterful blowouts that by the last five minutes the 2nd stringers are left on the court trying to get some minutes.

I’m sticking with above.

The Spurs are the real thing. An executing, under control team made up of individuals who know and execute their roles and over and over again.

This team is going to the Finals. Unless LAL and MIA start showing what they can really do, it’s 2007 (or 1999, 2003 or 2005) all over again.