PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; MIA at IND Game 3

Where the most telling image I can get for you is here:

And oh, it turns out as I was writing this someone tweeted a video link, here.

Result btw, is here:

Now, I don’t want to start off a post by being predictable and saying how important it is for a team to stick together in order for it to win championships, but I think it’s important for a team to stick together in order for it to win championships.

And when I say ‘together’, I don’t mean a player attitude that goes ‘Oh I’ll just pretend to go along with whatever my teammates and coaches are saying because we have enough talent to overcome anything anyway and come crunch time we’ll be fine‘. Hardly. I mean absolute complete total togetherness, where the players act and feel like everyone else is a member of a very close, very together, family.

Bill Simmons talked about that in his Book of Basketball, where he saw teams hug, high – five and do things together in unison, almost to an embarrassing level, like he was watching little league. Gone was the usual brash chest thumping bravado macho men do to show strength, instead he saw actual *gasp* caring and looking out for one another, and yes I’ll go there: the kind that makes most people say ‘gay’.

I’m not homophobic so I don’t really care. For me its a by product of being together for long periods, experiencing extreme ups and downs the way they do. So what does this have to do with Wade blowing his top at his coach?

Truth is I don’t know, and we’ll probably never really know until years from now on when someone releases a tell – all book re why DWade’s performance dipped so much the way it did today.

But what I do know is if something is bothering him, and he being the integral part of the team that he is, it affects the whole team.

From the moment he and Spoelstra argued, everything went downhill from there. Sure they tried to execute their plays, but they only went as far as that. Anything else requiring that extra push, that extra burst of energy, was gone. And the fact that they actually even started a run was a testament to how good MIA can be really, if they were only more into it than today.

Incidentally at some point I have to talk about LeBron and his, yet again, sputtering chances to win a ring. It’s a very difficult thing to write because whilst I’m rooting for the guy, everyone knows the embarrassing, over – the top ‘Decision’ negated all that.

If MIA doesn’t get its act together I’m gonna have to write that soon. So I’m gonna root for them from now on, because I don’t wanna write it. It should be easy, because I like come back stories, and after today, they are now officially the underdogs anyway.