PostGame; NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 2; Bos v. Phi Game 2

So here I am writing postgame thoughts for the Playoffs. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.

Speaking of keeping things up, neither team did very well today. The game just ended 82-81 Phi, playing at Boston. Announcer CWebb kept saying it was an ugly game and that’s exactly right, with fg% just above 40% for both (40.8% Phi, 41.8% Bos). That’s enough bricks to make a new stadium. Bos out – passed Phi 23 to 17, but fouled a lot more at 22 to 13.

Key players today include Igoudala (13pts) as expected for Phi, including Evan Turner (1opts), Lavoy Allen (10pts.) and most notable, Jrue Holiday (18pts). For most of the 1st half only Jrue was in double figures for both teams, outplaying even the amazing Rondo, who had a below par 8 pt., 2 assist game today, a far cry from his previous triple doubles.

Of Bos’ crew of Pierce (7pts.), R. Allen (17pts.) and Garnett (15pts)., it was Garnett who made the biggest splash at some point in the 3rd quarter and early 4th he erupted into the KG we know and love. I love watching KG’s energy. I’ve said it before and will say it again, he’s like a video character of himself come alive when he’s on his game, and boy was he at the latter part of this one. The problem was KG is directly responsible for messing up their late game chances when, on the last play preparing to either tie or a three to win, he tackled Andre Igoudala to the floor to set a teammate free on a clear as day illegal pick.

I read tweets later on saying KG should stop bitching about it because it was pretty clear, but I don’t think he bitched. For once KG just ran back to defend, albeit in a daze, contemplating what he had done. Sadly what he had done was serious: he blew their chance, and that was it. He’s a pro of course, and although that stings, I’m sure he’ll just be the same intense KG all over again next time.

Another notable is the amazing play of Bos G Avery Bradley, who dislocated his shoulder at some point in the first half only to see him playing big minutes again later on. I can’t help wondering if that was a misdiagnose, because Jesus if that is true they should look into what this guy is made of, because it’s not your ordinary human flesh. Having gone through a dislocated elbow and currently going through shoulder problems of my own, I would appreciate knowing what this guy does.

Ok so I actually made a post game playoff thing. Next game is the much awaited LAL v. OKC. Let’s see if I can make one for that.