I Like This Thing

It’s called a ‘Shootmore Basketball Shooting Machine’

Full video below the break:

What I like about it is that the big catching net is positioned high up and close to the board, so it catches everything, including misses. The previous similar setup I’ve seen was a machine (requiring electricity, so it needed to be indoors, a minus point), and was sitting on the floor of the court so it catches only balls that went in.

A second thing I like is the need for the high arc to make a shot, teaching a very important detail when shooting, which is shoot for an imaginary hoop high between the actual hoop and yourself. If you’ve ever seen guys try to throw the ball directly towards the ring you’ll know what I mean.

But the best thing I like about it is that it DISCOURAGES DUNKS, or at least hanging on the ring, which time and again has been the reason why thousands of neighborhood backboards and rings get broke, and thousands of villages and schools have to budget every year for a new one. It might actually stop unnecessary injuries from idiots trying to jump that high as well. That alone makes it worth it.

If there’s anything I don’t like about it is that it looks complicated to remove and store away, requiring wrenches and such. If that’s the case maybe it’ll be a good option only if you have a separate court just for shooting drills, and not use it on the court you actually play games on.

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