You Want Dunks? I Show You Dunks.

I know a lot of you are going ape shit at Griffin’s fantastic dunk the other night, and yeah it was amazing and worth another look:

It got me thinking about my fave dunks of all time of course, and so here they are, starting with John Stark’s famous ‘da dunk’ in 1996 against the Bulls, and particularly, over Horace Grant and Jordan hizself.

What made that so memorable is that Starks wasn’t particularly known to be a dunker (in fact you can argue he shouldn’t really be known as a good player to begin with), but if you think about it that made it so much more special. Starks was one of those ‘crazy’ players I emulated back in the day, who would play his heart out and would make up with effort what he lacked in skill.

That particular dunk summed that all up and more. It wasn’t just some guy dunking over someone, it was the whole heart of the NY Knicks unleashed on to their hated rivals. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen at the time and it makes me excited to this very day. I’m still looking to buy a poster of it actually.

The 2nd most amazing dunk I had ever seen is by possibly, the greatest dunker of all time, overshadowed only because he had the recognized best player in the world as his teammate. That would be Scottie Pippen, whom I wrote about here when a statue was made out for him, and I even edited an image of him, performing the dunk in question, here:

What’s that? You want a video? Well I aim to please.

It’s a nice reminder what a force of nature Pippen was, with his incredible ball handling and all around ability. I mean can you imagine the destruction a guy with his skills can do today?

I qualify this as the 2nd best in your face dunk I’ve ever seen in my life, mostly because unlike Starks, Pippen was a known dunker. After that everything else is same, ie. the heated rivalry, it being the Playoffs, and the fact these guys absolutely hated each other.

I need to emphasize here: I’ve seen dunks of all types everywhere. If you want to see truly amazing dunks, you need to NOT watch the NBA, but rather, check out the mixtapes and amateur shit on Youtube. Spectacular as these are though, they’re just amazing feats of physicality. Just guys who can jump really high. What’s really impressive are ‘timely’ dunks, or those made in the heat of battle between two teams that literally want to tear each other apart. Dunks that emphasize a point: I own you. You got nothin’. This is My Game.